Welcome to our Year 1 Page

Class Teacher

Miss Cartwright

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Curtis

Working Together Mornings are every Wednesday.
Outdoor Learning is every other Tuesday. 
Home Learning is given out each Friday and due in the following Wednesday. 
P.E. - Yoga is on Wednesdays
Multisports is on Fridays.

Welcome to our Year 1 Page

Termly Newsletter

What have Year 1 been up to?

Perfect bubbles! 

The class were challenged to create the perfect bubble. They experimented using different mixtures, different quantities and used a variety of different sized bubble wands to find the perfect combination.

Art Gallery! 

The children have worked hard to create lovely pictures to put on display. In year 1 we enjoyed bubble paining and collaging to make our underwater themed pictures!    

The children were given the challenge to make a picture using only natural materials. The results are fantastic!

Practising our yoga moves!

Ladybird Relaxation

Shark Game

Sun Game

Rainstick Game

In science we have been learning about different materials and their properties. The children have been carrying out experiments to see whether they are hard or soft, if they float or sink, or if they are magnetic.

Congratulations to the winning group! They managed to solve this tricky maths riddle, making each side add up to ten.

Today we had lots of fun on a wintry walk around the school!

In outdoor learning we have had lots of fun building houses out of natural materials for our fairy tale characters!

Outdoor Learning

We have been busy this term in Outdoor Learning. We have been  leaning about different trees and comparing bark rubbings. We have been looking at seasonal changes and how this affects animals. We have been making autumn collages, magic wands and Christmas decorations. We have learnt how to weave leaves, to tie knots and even how to sheer lash twigs together! 

In science we are learning all about plants. We are carrying out an experiment to see what they need in order to grow. We are eagerly waiting to see whether they can grow without sunlight or without water!
We went outside to find out where plants grow and what they might need!


We celebrated Halloween with a spooky disco and made potions in class!  

Thank you to Year One for wearing their Christmas jumpers and bringing in donations for the Christmas bazaar!


In Science we have been learning about the five senses; sight, taste, hearing, touch and smell. The children have enjoyed going on sensory walks around the school to discover which senses they use to discover certain things!


This term in PE Year One are focusing on gymnastics. We have been investigating movement and stillness and how to use space safety.  We composed short sequences of movement by linking gymnastic actions together; including travelling, jumping and rolling.



Year One celebrated Roald Dahl day by reading the Enormous Crocodile and dressing up in fantastic costumes!