Welcome to our Year 1 Page

Class Teacher

Miss C. Elvy

Teaching Assistant

Mirs K. Curtis

Working Together morning  - Wednesday

Home Learning - given on a Thursday - due in Monday.

PE - Monday  & Wednesday

Outdoor Learning - alternate Thursdays

Termly Newsletter

Welcome to our Year 2 page

What have Year 2 been up to?

The children quickly settled back into class and were keen to learn new things.

The children have been finding out all about Remembrance Sunday. We talked about the significance and meaning of the red poppy. We also looked at purple poppies to remember all the animals that died in the wars. Over 16 million animals served in WW1. These included horses, cats, dogs, donkeys, camels and birds. The children discussed what the different animals did. In 'Working together' the children made red and purple poppies for a display. 

In maths the children have been doing subtraction. Using cubes to help them, they have been finding the difference between a teen number and 9. By re-balancing (adding 1 to each number), the children have been able to calculate the answer.

                       13-9=14-10,       17-9=18-10

In 'Working together' this week the children had a treasure hunt. There was a series of questions for them to answer. Everyone had great fun. 

Thank you to everyone for coming to share their child's learning and progress with us. The children have worked so hard and it was great to share their successes with you all.

The children had great fun at the Halloween disco. The costumes and make-up looked amazing. Well done to all the children who won prizes at the disco.


In English the children have been writing instructions. After a modelled lesson about making jam sandwiches, the children wrote their own instructions for making a disgusting sandwich. They had some wonderful ideas!

This week they are writing supported instructions for how to catch a dinosaur and then an independent set for how to catch a giant.


We look forward to seeing you - to share and celebrate your child's learning with us.


During 'Friendship Week' we had great fun making different things for our secret friend. In 'Working Together' we made friendship chains. On coloured strips of paper the children wrote messages about being a good friend and then linked them all together to make a chain. we also made a long class friendship chain.

In groups, we made friendship rings in outdoor learning using leaves, twigs, stones and anything else we could find. In the middle was something special decided by the group. It was a picture, a special stone or maybe a special leaf. They looked amazing!

This week it is 'Friendship Week'. Each child has their own secret friend for the week. They will be doing different activities about friendship and making things for their secret friend. All the staff in school are doing the same. Each child has made a friendship card and created a friendship medallion. In 'Working Together' we will be making friendship chains. We have discussed what makes a good friend - e.g. honesty, having fun, taking turns.

In maths we have been looking at the value of the different digits. Lots of practical work has taken place. We have been counting on and counting back.

Last week we looked at regrouping 2 digit numbers.


Our P.E. days are: Monday = Streetdance, Wednesday = P.E. with Mr Edwards, Thursday = Yoga

Please make sure your child has their P.E. kit in school every day.

Home learning is given out on a Thursday and needs to be returned on the following Monday. 

Outdoor learning will be on alternate Thursdays (from Sept. 19th). Please ensure your child has wellies and joggers or leggings.

'Working together' will be every Wednesday morning - everyone is welcome

The children are settling into the routines of Y2. They are learning to be more independent and to try things for themselves.

It was Roald Dahl Day last week and the children came dressed as a favourite character from one of his books. Some children even had additional props as part of their costume. Thank you to everyone for your support. As a class we look at The BFG. We wrote descriptions of him and also made dream catchers. They really enjoyed the day.

In maths this week we have been learning about tens and ones. The children have been regrouping 10 ones for a stick of ten. They played a game that involved them rolling a dice and putting the right number of ones on a tens frame. Once it was filled they had to exchange 10 ones for a stick of ten. The aim was to get to 100.