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What have Tulips been up to?

International Week

Last week, the children at Andrews Lane were learning about art and culture within different countries. Tulips class was learning all about France. The children spent time learning French words, including the different parts of the body. They also explored a style of painting known as pointillism which was developed by a French artist. They also enjoyed learning about a range of French landmarks such as Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower. After some discussion, the children then went on to sketch their own versions of these landmarks using a careful eye and an impressive amount of precision. All of the adults were very impressed with their efforts. At the end of the week, the children were treated to a variety of delicious French food which they all sampled with an open mind.


 During the final half term, Tulips class will be learning all about castles. They will learn about the origins of castles as well as their purpose. Art will consist of sketching and painting a variety of castles and they will also write acrostic poems about castle features. History will focus upon the first castles invented known as Motte and Bailey castles. The children will compare the differences between castles made from wood to those made of stone. The children will also look at who lived in castles. They will also design and draw their own coat of arms after learning about knights and their role within castle life.

     SATS Week

Well done to all the children who took part in their SATS before half term. Everyone worked incredibly hard and gave their absolute best effort. All of the adults were really proud of how sensibly they took on the challenge.

Multiplication and Division

Recently, the maths focus in Tulips class has been based around division. The children have used a variety of strategies and manipulatives to answer both multiplication and division questions. They have enjoyed using arrays and skip counting to answer multiplication questions and were genuinely intrigued to find out that similar strategies could be implemented for division. Last week, the children applied thes newfound strategies to multiplication and division word problems with great success! Well done Tulips!

Life In the City

During this half term, year 2 have been learning all about cities. They have researched what geographical features make up a city and have been looking particularly at the city of London. Last week, they spent time designing and making a city skyline using coloured card. The skyline was part of a discussion around population and how cities tend to consist of large amounts of people. The children really enjoyed this activity and some lovely artwork was created!

                      Science and Design Technology

Year two were incredibly excited to take part in a whole school Science challenge yesterday. The children were paired up and tasked with building their own reptile using the card provided and glue. They were not permitted to use tape and had to discuss how to make the reptile 3D and upright by folding the card appropriately. They took on the challenge with a fantastic attitude and some fantastic creations were made.  They will be describing their reptiles during English and a winner from each class will be chosen.

                                                                 Intrepid Explorers!

This half term. Tulip class will be learning about different explorers, the journeys they took, discoveries they made and how these discoveries significantly impacted the world today. They have already begun to learn about Christopher Columbus and how his journey to South America helped to develop trade as well as discover a 'New World.'

The children will also be learning about Neil Armstrong and how he came to land on the moon. The children will compare and contrast the two explorers and discuss which journey was the most significant and why!

All About the Arctic!

Tulips have begun their new topic which is based around the Arctic and Antarctic. So far, they have discussed what they already know and talked about different facts and information that has been given to them.

They have also enjoyed learning about the Northern Lights. They have discussed when and where they can be seen, why the lights begin to glow and have even designed their own artwork around them.

The children have also used time during their Working Together Mornings to research the Arctic and have enjoyed creating Arctic animal artwork for display in the role play area.

Welcome to Tulips!

We have been working hard this term and have explored lots of different types of learning. We have written stories, non-chronological reports and recounts in English. During Maths, we have been working on place value, ordering numbers, number magnitude as well as doubling and halving.

Science has included, exploring habitats which was linked to outdoor learning and our History topic explored Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot.

Everyone has been working hard and learnt a lot. Now the focus is on the school play and ensuring we put on a great performance next week!