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Miss Elvy

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Mrs Millins & Mrs Bird

Working Together mornings - Thursday (bi-weekly)
Home Learning - given Thursday due in Monday
Spelling tests - Monday (weekly)
PE - 
Wednesday : Boxfit, Yoga

        Thursday : Basketball

Children need their planner, reading book and PE kit in school every day

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Termly Newsletter

What have Year 3 been up to?

i would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents for their help and support this year - helping with home learning, listening to the children read, helping with costumes for the different events, helping them to learn song words, coming to support the different events and also attending 'Working Together' sessions. Both the children and all the staff have really appreciated your support.

The children have worked really hard all year and should feel very proud of what they have achieved. It is truly amazing how far they have come. Well done.




Year 3 went on a trip to the Royal Gunpowder Mills in Waltham Abbey. After being dropped off by their parents, they were put into 5 groups ready for the morning activity -  'Team Building  Challenge'. Each team had to come up with a suitable name. They were very creative and showed that they had really thought about the names. The 5 activities were: 

   1.   Mine Field - guiding a blindfolded partner around a course by giving clear instructions

   2.   Nitroglycerine Plant - transferring a liquid from one container to another using pieces of drainpipe and a watering can

   3.   Code Breaker - sitting back to back, taking it in turns to describe different pictures and symbols for their partner to draw

   4.   Removal of Rocket Fuel - using string, elastic bands and magnets to move a bottle of liquid out of a circle  without touching it

   5.   Contaminated Ground - using plastic crates and planks of wood to transfer a barrel of gunpowder to a bench without touching the ground

All of the activities proved a challenge, but a great time was had by everyone.

After lunch it was time for the afternoon activities. Our guide took us into the museum to learn all about how gunpowder was made and the importance of the Gunpowder Mills during WWII. Then the children made their own rockets and fired them into the air using pressurised air. It was amazing how far they went and how high into the sky! As there was a bit of time left, we were taken in the rocket vault. 

It was a pleasure to take the children on the trip. They behaved really well and were complimented on their good manners. WELL DONE EVERYONE!


This week the children have been practising hard for their part in the Key Stage 2 production of 'Beauty & the Beast'. They have learnt all the words and can sing to an instrumental version of their song - 'Tale as old as time'. It sounds great. It is not an easy song to sing, so they should feel really proud of themselves. We practised on the stage today, which was exciting. Well done everyone.


In English we have been looking at the work of the poet John Foster. The children have been learning to write different types of poems. This week we have been looking at Haiku poems and Kenning poems. This is definitely a class of budding poets! What they have produced has been amazing.



In maths we have been looking at the perimeter of different shapes. We started off by counting squares and quickly moved on to finding a much quicker way to find the answer. The children could use their knowledge of times tables and doubling to help them find the answer. 

Now we are looking at using the 4 operations (add, subtract, multiply & divide) and how to apply them when solving problems. It is great to see how they tackle the different questions with growing confidence. 


The children started a new topic this week. They will be looking at some significant events in history and finding out what effect they had.

This week they have been finding out about Apollo 11 and the first Moon landing. Working in pairs, they researched about the mission and who was involved. We also watched a video clip of when Neil Armstrong first set foot on the surface of the moon. Then we watched a video of Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong walking  on the moon. An interesting discussion followed.


   Our class are looking at Australia as a country for International Week. They started off in computing trying to answer some questions about it and then using their Word skills to produce an information sheet. Pictures were also added.

   They have been finding out about Aboriginal 'Dreamtime' in art. The art is made by indigenous Australian people. It includes work made in many ways including painting on leaves, wood carving, rock carving and sand painting. It is like a language and communicates messages and stories through beautiful patterns and pictures. They had a go at dot painting, which is made up of small dots of paint colours like yellow (representing the sun), brown (the soil), red (desert sand) and white (the clouds and the sky). It is quite time consuming but looks very effective.

   Many paintings tell a story from the Dreamtime. These can be drawn like a map. The story shows how the land was created during creation. The children had great fun using the symbols to create their own stories. These were then put onto the visualiser for the rest of the class to try and work out what the story was.

   We have also looked at the story of 'Why the koala has a stumpy tail'. They looked at a powerpoint of the story and then created their own version of it.

   In 'Working together' the children will be working with their parents on an Australia quiz. They will be researching the answers and recording them on a sheet. 

   The different activities have been collated into a set of books. Please come and have a look.

Welcome to the last half term of the year.

The children quickly settled into the usual daily routines. They were keen to talk about what they had been doing in the holiday and where they went.

In English we are using the book 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes as a stimulus for different activities. So far we have read chapters 1 and 2. Describing the Iron Man was the first task, followed by creating their own play script from the text so far. Today they had to design their own trap to catch him. Their ideas were very imaginative!

In maths we have started looking at time. We have looked at the days and months in a year, making 60 minutes using different fractions and making a total of 60 if they know some numbers, but not all of them. This proved a real challenge. Some of the questions were very hard, but they were determined to have a go!

In science they have been finding out about fossils. Using the laptops, they researched what they were and how they were formed. They also looked a some real fossils using magnifying glasses. They looked at ammonites, gastropods, brachiopods, crinoids, fossilised shark teeth, belemnites and some fossilised wood.

The children have produced some excellent learning this wee. WELL DONE!


This week the theme was bubbles. Everyone had great fun blowing them outside. It was quite windy, so the bubbles went everywhere! It was great fun making different sized bubbles and watching them blow in the wind. Then they made their own bubble-blowers out of floristry wire and duck tape. It was quite difficult to bend the wire, but the children were very creative with their designs. Then it was time to test them. What a success! Everyone had a fabulous time. Thanks to the children for their enthusiasm and my extra helpers.


This week the children have been learning long division for the first time. It has proved something of a challenge, but good perseverance has been shown. I am very impressed with how they have got on. Knowing their times tables is obviously an advantage, but using a times table grid proved a successful substitute. Well done everyone.




School is open again on Monday 4th June from 8:45. Please make sure the children have their reading books, planners, home learning and their P.E. kit.


The children have been making their own kites. They were made from tissue paper, plastic straws and string. making them proved quite a challenge! Once they were made, the children went outside to fly them. Great fun was had by everyone. Getting the kite into the air and trying to keep them there, was not as easy as the children thought.

Here are the finished games that the children designed and made in D.T.

The children had their first street dance session on Monday. Everyone tried really hard and it was obvious that it was enjoyed by everyone. They were praised for their commitment and attitude. Well done everyone.

In science we had our first lesson about rocks. We discussed what the children thought rocks were and where they were found. Working in pairs, the children had to sort  pictures of rocks into those that are man-made and those that are naturally occurring. We also looked at the uses of different rocks.

In English we have been looking at persuasive adverts. The first task was to identify the different features and create a colour-coded key. Today, in a guided session,  they tried to create their own advert for a toy racing car. Hopefully they will be able to create their own adverts for different robotic toys later in the week.



The children came back to discover that our classroom was having new windows, so we were in the gym for a few days. They were very excited and eager to be back in our own room. It was worth the wait as the new windows and door look great.

The children have started some new topics this week. Our new geography topic is all about 'Our Local Area' - the children will be finding out about Cheshunt and doing some map work. In science we will be doing all about rocks and soils. In English our first genre is persuasive texts. We will be looking at letters and adverts and the use of emotive language and powerful verbs and adjectives.


It is the last week of term, so soon it will be Easter. 

The children have been making Easter cards today. The card has a picture of the Easter Bunny disappearing down a rabbit hole. They look really effective.

It is also the time when parents come to look at their child's learning. The children have all worked extremely hard and can't wait to share their learning. They should feel really proud of what they have achieved. Well done everyone.



In Science Club this week the children had to work cooperatively on a group task. Each group had a packet of dried spaghetti and some marshmallows. The task was to make a free-standing structure by joining the pasta together with the marshmallows. It was not as easy as it looked and as the marshmallows got warm they were not as stable! A lot of fun was had by everyone. Thank you to the adult helpers, who had just as much fun as the children!


This week (19th - 23rd) it is Friendship Week. Each child in the class has a secret friend for the week. The idea is to do something nice for them every day. It could be to let them join in a game, say something kind to them or make them something. The choice is endless. All the adults in the school also have a secret friend too.

In class we have been thinking about what makes a good friend - a brainstorm of ideas was created. We have also devised a 'Recipe for friendship', made friendship bunting, friendship medals and will be making friendship chains. We have also created a friendship wall for all our messages and cards.

The children took part in a friendship workshop today. They learned all about how to react in different situations involving power. Was the power equal or was it weighted  one side? We also talked about children's rights.


This week is National Science Week. As part of this the children took part in a science and technology challenge. They were given a little pack of card pieces - squares of different sizes and some long rectangular pieces. They had to create a reptile of their own design from the pieces. All they could use was Pritt stick to join the pieces together. There was a time limit of 1 hour.


This challenge covers Y1-Y6. Each class will have a winner and then there will be a Key Stage 1 winner and a Key Stage 2 winner. Their designs will be entered into the county-wide competition. It was amazing what the children managed to create.


The children have been doing music with Miss Campbell. Each week they have a piece of music to listen to and talk about. They have been learning all about pulse and copying different rhythms. instruments are now being used. They have to listen carefully and then play the tune back. Lots of concentration is needed.


On 'World Book Day' the children came dressed as a character from a book written by a female author. J.K. Rowling proved very popular, so there were quite a few pupils from Hogwarts. Julia Donaldson also proved a hit with the children. Well done for all the amazing costumes and a particular thank you to the parents who helped the children make their own costumes. Everyone looked great.

                                                                      SCIENCE CLUB

The children used skittles (the sweets) to make different patterns and then added warm water until they were almost covered. After a short time the colours from the sweets made some wonderful patterns. After some time to find out how to make different patterns, they were set specific challenges. A particular pattern had to be created. great fun was had by all.

The children have started some new topics this week. In English we are doing recounts and in maths the theme has been worded multiplication and division problems. They have had their first music lesson and in it they listened to a piece of music and talked about what they could hear and what they liked / disliked about it. In PE this week they had their first Unihoc lesson. 

The children have now completed their explanation texts about butterflies. They have included an introduction, pictures with text and a summary. The main focus was using causal conjunctions. Everyone feels really proud of their learning. Well done everyone.

In PE this week they have been working on their boxing skills. The lesson began with a warm-up devised by the children themselves. It is important that they warm up their muscles before they begin so they don't hurt themselves. In pairs, they practised different skills. It was hard work, but a lot of fun.

In Design Technology this week the children were working in pairs or small groups to research different games. Using the theme of 'rainforests', they will be designing and making their own games. There was a suggestion of trees and tigers as a variation of snakes and ladders.

 In Maths we have been looking at multiplication - at how doubling & halving can help us work with different times tables; we also looked at the different laws.

  In Boxfit this week the children worked on their fitness and boxing skills. They worked with a partner doing either different fitness activities (sit-ups, burpies, hopping, step-ups) or different boxing skills. It was hard work, but a lot of fun. Everyone enjoyed the lesson and should feel proud of what they achieved.

In P.E the children have been doing Boxfit with Mr Edwards. They have been learning about all the different muscles. This week they had the boxing gloves out for the first time. There was a real sense of excitement. They learned how to punch safely. It was really energetic. Great fun was had by all.

In Yoga the children worked really hard this week. They practise different exercises and postures through fun activities. Sometimes the children lead part of the lesson. The leader was very impressed with them.

          This term we have started some new topics.

   In geography we are finding out about rainforests - where they are, the different layers, the different animals and lots of other information.

    In computing the children are going to devise their own survey and then carry it out. They will then collect and collate the data and use it to create graphs.

   In PE the children will be doing basketball and boxfit. They will develop and practise the different skills and improve their fitness. We are also carrying on with yoga.

Welcome back. I hope everyone has had a great break and is ready for a new term

Wishing everyone a peaceful & happy 2018

Wishing everyone a very 'Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year'.

This is a very busy week for the children preparing for Christmas. This morning they were lucky to be able to watch the pantomime 'Goldilocks & the three bears'. It was a lot of fun, with plenty of audience participation. This afternoon they watched the dress rehearsal of the Infant nativity play.


On Wednesday morning some of the children will be singing Christmas carols (as part of the school choir) in Waltham Cross.


We also have the Christingle service on Friday afternoon at St. Mary's Church. 

The children will be making their own Christingles for the service. Our class will be singing the carol 'It was on a starry night', which they have been busy practising. We look forward to seeing everyone there.

The children have been doing yoga this half term. They have been learning different moves and the importance of relaxation.

On 'Jolly Jumper Day' the children came to school dressed in their favourite Christmas themed jumper. They had a very enjoyable morning doing different art activities - creating a large 'Jolly Jumper' made of little individual jumpers, paper weaving for their calendars and decoupage for their Christmas cards.


The theme of the lesson was 'eat well'. The children found out all about the hunger scale. The ideal place to be on the scale is somewhere between 3 and 6. They have been asked to fill in  a hunger diary for the week. Please help them to complete it, ready for next week's lesson.

  1. Starving & feeling dizzy

  2. Very hungry, can't concentrate

  3. Hungry and my tummy feels empty

  4. Beginning to feel hungry

  5. Feel comfortable, don't need to eat

  6. Feel satisfied and nicely full

  7. feeling full, overeaten a little bit

  8. Feeling full and a bit bloated

  9. I feel stuffed and my tummy hurts

  10. My tummy hurts and I feel really sick



The children came to school today dressed up as different characters from Roald Dahl's books. They looked amazing. Thank you to everyone who helped the children with their costumes.



Our class have been looking at the book Esio Trot. The number 13 is important in this story, so our maths was based around this. They had to show different ways to make 13 and what the number means, all on a tortoise shape. After play they did some art - mosaic, pastel and watercolour pictures of tortoises, all put together to make a large collaged tortoise. In English they answered questions about the story.



The class had their first session of 'Fun-trition' today. It is made up of 6 sessions where the children will be finding out about keeping healthy.

There are 4 main principles - 1) eat well, 2) drink well, 3) move well and 4) sleep well. Today they learned all about the different principles and what they mean. The children showed a good understanding of the different tasks they were asked to do. Each principle now has an action devised by the children to help them remember it. It was amazing what they managed to learn in such a short session. Well done everyone!




The children came in to school both excited and a little apprehensive. It was a new school year, a new teacher and a new key stage! Lots of things were different. There were lots of new things to find out and do.

We have made our class shield with a little help from Mrs. Bird. Year 3 are 'Wise Young Owls'. We have also created our class charter with our own class rules. These have been linked to the Rights respecting articles. The children decided what they wanted to do and we looked at how the adults could support them.