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Miss Elvy

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 Mrs Bird

Working Together mornings - Tuesday (bi-weekly)


Home Learning - given Thursday due in Monday

PE - 
Wednesday : Yoga / Boxfit &  Thursday: Basketball


Children need their planner, reading book and PE kit in school every day

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Termly Newsletter

What have Year 3 been up to?



This week the children made 3D shapes using marshmallows and cocktail sticks.

This week the children took part in a maths workshop about problem solving. The first activity involved door numbers. By talking to each other they had to get into  line order, smallest to the largest. Then they worked in teams to solve different problems. 

1.  Using coloured squares, they had to arrange them in different patterns.

2. Using shapes from a tangram, they had to arrange them into different shapes.

3. Using 3D shapes they had to make a cube and solve particular problems as well.

There was a lot of discussion and excitement as the different puzzles were solved. Well done everyone.

At 'Working Together' the children completed a playground quiz. They had to count things, look at signs and look for specific things.

The children had a wonderful day out at Rye Meads Nature Reserve. Working in groups, they looked for minibeasts in different habitats and did some pond dipping. They had great fun trying to identify the different creatures that they found.

The children have made a good start to the new term and have started new themes in science and topic.

    In science they are finding out about rocks and fossils. using magnifying glasses, they have looked closely at different examples and found out about sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks. Dropping water onto the rocks from a syringe, they investigated permeability. Did the water stay on the top (impermeable) or did it soak in (permeable)?

    In topic the children have started to find out about the local area. We have looked at physical (natural) and human (man-made) features and the children have been creating their own symbols ready for future map work.

    Today we were lucky enough to have a visit from Peter Bakare (Olympic volleyball player) for a fitness circuit. The children had great fun and looked exhausted at the end! Peter then spoke to the children about his journey in sport. He was very inspiring, demonstrating some of the skills with help from some of the children.

We had parent / teacher meetings last week. This was a chance to come and share the children's work. All the children have worked extremely hard and should feel proud of the learning they have done. Thank you to everyone for your support.

We are now getting ready for Easter, busy making cards and doing other activities associated with this time of year.




The children have taken part in a county wide Design Technology / Science challenge. Each child was given a piece of card divided up into squares of different sizes. They had to cut them out and create a 'Brilliant Bird'. A description was also included. The children had great fun and were very inventive. Well done everyone. I picked out a class winner and she got a certificate. Congratulations to Millie.

In science the children have been finding out about plants. We looked at how bees pollinate the flowers. Then each child was given a daffodil to dissect. We carefully took the flowers apart and identified the different pieces. Their purpose was also discussed. It was important to be really gentle when taking the flowers apart. They really enjoyed the activity.

In science this week we have been finding out about plants. We looked at the results of an experiment we set up last week - we put white roses into water with different food colouring to find out if the water was transported up through the stem to the flower. The results were amazing! 

On World Book Day the children (and all the staff) came to school dressed in their pyjamas. Everyone looked amazing. In the afternoon the children took part in a book quiz in their PALS groups. It was a lot of fun.

The children quickly settled after the holiday. The weather was great too, so that was a bonus.

We have started a new history topic - The Anglo-Saxons. The children learned all about a famous burial ship that was found at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk. Armed with a selection of artefact pictures, they  became historical detectives. They had to decide who they thought might have been buried in the ship, just by looking at the pictures. Some examples of the questions are: Was it a man or a woman? Was the person rich or poor? Were the artefacts practical or decorative? Then they had to explain their thinking. Listening to their ideas suggested we have some budding detectives of the future!

In English we have started doing recounts. We began with a grammar lesson about prepositions and followed that with some diary entries based around the book called 'The day the crayons quit'. The children are now writing a lot more and really thinking through their ideas. A good start to the second part of the term.

Mr Harmer came into school to work with our class in maths. The topic was multiplication. Using 36 cubes, the children arranged them into arrays. Part of the 6x6 arrangement of cubes was then covered up with a rectangle of paper. The children had to work out how many cubes were hidden, using the uncovered cubes as a guide. This is known as visualisation. They were very quick to do this! They then had to find different multiplication facts within the 36 cubes. They could use all of the cubes or only some of them. This was mainly a practical lesson, but there was so much mathematical reasoning taking place. well done everyone.

In 'Working Together' this week, we made paper Chinese lanterns. Using red paper as a background, they were decorated with gold paper shapes and pictures. They looked great. Thank you to everyone who came in to help the children.

In R.E. we looked at the story of how the animals are linked to the different years. The Jade Emperor wanted a way to measure time, so he challenged the children to a race. The order they finished determined the order of the years. 2019 is the year of the pig.


This week some of our class went to London to the O2 Arena to take part in the 'Young Voices' concert. Children from lots of schools took part. In total there were 1000s of children singing all together. Everyone was very excited and eager for the concert to begin. 

After a coach trip to London, we soon found our seats. We had a great view of the stage! There was a rehearsal to begin with, during which the children practised the different songs and the actions. After a tea-break there was a chance to complete different games and puzzles in an activity book.


It was soon time for the concert to start. The children could hardly contain their excitement! They turned the main lights out, so everywhere was a sea of little lights. It looked magical. The singing was amazing and the children really did their parents, the school and themselves proud. 'The greatest show', which ended the concert was a particular favourite and highlight. Everyone said how well the children had done. There were some very tired children at the end. It was a memorable experience for everyone.


In science club the children found out about fingerprinting. Everyone has unique fingerprints. There are 3 main patterns - whorls, arches and loops. We used magnifying glasses to look closely at the different patterns on each finger.

We used spaghetti and marshmallows to create structures. It was not very easy, but it was a lot of fun.


The children came back to school keen to start and learn new things. They were organised and enthusiastic.


In science we will be finding out all about light. So far, we have looked at light sources and investigated if materials reflected light. We will also be looking at shadows.

In topic our project is 'The rainforest'. We began with some map-work - locating rainforests on a world map. This week we have been looking at the different layers of vegetation and finding out which plants and animals can be found there.

In English we are looking at traditional tales. We have read all about Little Red Riding Hood and now the children are creating their own alternative stories.


Thank you to everyone for supporting us at the Christingle service at St. Mary's Church last week. The children really sang beautifully. The Christingles with their glow sticks looked magical and the singing was wonderful.

This week the children have watched the KS1 nativity play and had their Christmas dinner and parties. They have also enjoyed singing lots of different Christmas carols. It sounded wonderful.

A big thanks to you all for your help and support this term. 



ST. MARY'S CHRISTINGLE SERVICE - Friday 14th December at 1:45 pm

The children have been busy practising their song for the Christingle service. We will be singing 'It was on a starry night'. They have worked hard to learn all the words off by heart to this song and to learn 'Midnight' and the 'Christingle' song. We went to the church today for a rehearsal which went very well. The children will be making their own Christingles in school and learning all about the significance of the different parts.


Please join us at the church on Friday afternoon to celebrate the meaning of Christmas. 

CHRISTMAS LUNCH - This will be on Wednesday 19th December


The children have been preparing for Christmas by doing different activities. It all began on 'Jolly Christmas Jumper Day' when they came to school dressed in an amazing selection of Christmas themed jumpers.

The children helped to create a winter themed display. They collaged and painted a polar bear, penguins, a robin, snowflakes and fir trees. It looks amazing! They also did some paper weaving for their calendars. This was not as easy as it looked, but the finished results look great.

They have also made Christmas cards.

This week it has been science, technology and computing week. The children have taken part in different activities with different teachers. It has been a lot of fun for everyone.

The children have used card to create a new species of animal for planet Earth.

How many drops of water can you get onto a coin? The children investigated this using pipettes to control the amount of water. It was amazing how many droplets you can add before the water runs off the coin! You need a very steady hand.

Welcome back. 

    The children have quickly settled back into the routine. They have started some topics.  In science we will be looking at forces and magnets. Today they have been finding out about pushes and pulls. In English we are basing all our learning around one book called 'The Green Ship' by Quentin Blake. Our history topic will be The Stone Age.

    We had a visit this week from the Young Shakespeare Company, who put on the play 'Twelfth Night. There was a lot of audience participation - actions, sound effects and some children to be some of the characters. It was a very enjoyable afternoon. Well done to everyone and especially to those who became the different characters.

In English this week we have been looking at developing vocabulary through poetry. The children have been using 'The Magic Box' by Kit Wright as a stimulus for their own learning. We read the poem and discussed it, explaining any new vocabulary. Using a dice and a prepared grid, the children generated ideas for their own poems. The next day they created their own grids of ideas. The poems are fantastic.

It has been Parent/Teacher Consultation Week. The children have been sharing all their learning with their parents. They should feel very proud of all they have done. Everyone was really pleased.

On Friday it is the Halloween disco. The children will be coming to school in their best outfits and taking part in different activities. There will be snacks too. It should be great fun.





                           School begins again on Monday 5th November



In English this week we have been looking at instructions. In the first lesson the children had to identify the different features of an instructional text and then colour code the text.

In the second lesson we looked at verbal instructions. We discussed the importance of giving clear instructions and listening carefully. The children worked with a partner and each had a set of 10 objects. One of them had to give instructions to the other one about how to arrange them on a board. They had to sit back to back so they couldn't see what each other was doing. It was great fun, but not as easy as they thought!


Today the activity was to do a treasure hunt around the junior playground. Armed with a pencil and a set of questions, the children had different things to find and questions to answer. Some were English based and some had more of a maths focus. There were lots of excited children trying to find the answers. Thank you very much to everyone who came to work with the children. We really appreciate your support.


This week the children have planned and written their own fables based on the story of the Lion & the Mouse. They changed the characters and the setting. It was great to read their finished fables. Today the children have had a go at redrafting. They were given sentences with mistakes in them. Using a red pen they had to spot the mistakes and then correct them. They really enjoyed the activity. Well done everyone.


In maths this week we have been looking at strategies to help with mental addition. The children have used number bonds to 10 and 20, as well as 10s frames and dienes apparatus. It has been a very successful week.

In English this week the children have been learning to recognise dialogue in a piece of text. They have been trying to use inverted commas (speech marks). This has proved something of a challenge, but the children have been developing a growth mindset, which means they will persevere and not give up. When they plan and write their own fable next week, hopefully they will start to use them in any dialogue they may have.

In maths we have been looking at different measures - length and weight. The children have been comparing different lengths and weights. This has been a very enjoyable activity, with lots of practical measuring.

In computing we have been using Microsoft Word. After typing their names quite a few times, they have been using different parts of the tool bar to align the text in different places, make it bold, underline it, change the size, change the font and anything else they could try. The learning was then saved in their Y3 folder. Well done everyone.

In computing this week the children learnt how to move a piece of text around the page. They aligned it to the left, the middle and the right. They also made it bold and changed the colour of the text.  The children showed good resilience and determination to succeed.

In maths we have looked at number magnitude. They were given strips of paper and asked to write certain numbers at each end. This made a number line. Then they had to work out how to fit other numbers onto it. Lots of discussion and good mathematical reasoning went on. They really enjoyed the challenge.


Today the children looked amazing in their different costumes. A lot of thought and care had obviously gone into deciding which character to be. It was easy to recognise who the children were supposed to be. The extra props really added to the costumes. Thank you to everyone for your imagination and support.


In our class the learning today was based around the story 'Esio Trot'. After reading a short extract the children chose either Mr Hoppy, Mrs Silver or Alfie the tortoise to create a character description. This put into practise all the learning this week on sentence structure. In maths we concentrated on the number 13 ( the date of Roald Dahl's birthday). It was incredible what the children could tell me about this number and where they might see it. We also wrote number sentences with an answer of 13. This afternoon they designed a new home for Alfie the tortoise. It was astonishing the ideas they came up with - A heat lamp to keep him warm during hibernation and security cameras to keep him safe were two examples.


The children will be both a little anxious and excited about coming back to school. I hope everyone had a great holiday and are all feeling refreshed and ready for the challenges ahead.

In science we will be looking at nutrition and this fits in with our topic about where our food comes from. In maths we are looking at place value and in English we will be doing fables. The children will be going swimming on a Monday afternoon at the Laura Trott Centre.

Please make sure the children have everything they need in school every day - book bag, P.E. kit, reading book, home learning.

I am sure the children will work hard and feel proud of their achievements this year. I  look forward to working with them.