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Mrs Patel

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Ms Kerr

Working Together mornings -  Tuesday

Home Learning - given Friday, handed in Tuesday

PE - Monday and Wednesday (outdoor), Thursday (yoga)

Termly Newsletter

What have Year 3 been up to?


Welcome back to the start of the new academic year. 

The year 3 class have been busy settling into their new class and the school routine. We will be starting our lessons in maths and English in the first week.

In English, the children will be reading Fables and writing their own version of a familiar Fable.


In maths, they will be learning about Place Value and how it helps us to add and subtract numbers. 

This week in English the children have been reading Fables and what lessons we can learn from the stories. They will be writing their own Fables at the end of the week.

In Maths we have been doing lots of practical work using place value mats, dienes and multilink cubes to explore place value of numbers.

Our science topic this term is food and nutrition.

We are learning about food groups and what types of

foods are needed to keep us healthy.

Remember Andrews Lane use Hertfordshire Catering to ensure that your child always has a range of healthy and nutritious choices for their lunch each day.


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Roald Dahl Day!


The children had a wonderful day celebrating one of the nation’s favourite author, Roald Dahl.


There were many Roald Dahl themed activities including making up our own medicine with ingredients such as bat wings, slime and ear wax.



The children have just finished completing their newspaper reports on ‘The Return of the Iron Man.’ and what the local farmers have decided to do to stop him eating all their tractors.

In topic this week the children were learning about Stonehenge and its importance to prehistoric people as a sacred place at a time when language and beliefs were developing during the Stone Age.


After learning how Stonehenge was constructed the children constructed their very own Stonehenge!    

This term in English we have just finished writing poems in free verse and this week (w/c 18/11) we will be learning how to write non-chronological reports.

In maths Year 3 will be moving on to adding and subtracting numbers using a more formal columnar method. In science our topic is forces and metals. Finally in topic we will be learning about rivers, mountains and coasts.

The second half of the half term got underway with a visit from the Google crew who spoke to the pupils about the very important topic of internet safety.

              Mini Marines day

The children were Marines for the day as they took part in activities organised by real life Marines!

They worked as a team using good  communication skills to complete a very gruelling assault course on a cold November day.


As you can see they enjoyed this activity immensely!