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Children need their book bag and Reception children need their PE kit in school every day

PE is on Monday and Thursday for Reception children. For the Nursery children its every other Thursday.

Phonics homework given on Fridays.

Library books are changed on a Friday.

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As schools will be closing for most children from Monday, learning opportunities will be provided online. For Early Years, it is our aim to update these each day when we would have been in school, starting from Monday. Please check-in regularly to find out what your child can do. We will also add links to the Early Years web page to websites that can provide support. It would be great if you added photos or explanations of some of the things the children are doing onto their tapestry pages. This will enable us to keep communication between home and school going. 

You will notice the blue box, directly above this one, named, ‘Home learning links.’ By clicking on the round link buttons, you will be able to access links to websites and learning on a daily basis. 

Many thanks and stay healthy. 

The Early Years team

Activities 31.03.2020 ‘We’re Going on a Lion Hunt’

Hello everyone, we hope you enjoyed your weekend! Here are some learning ideas for Monday. Make sure you have lots of fun!

Daily handwriting practice: Formation of letters/numbers/model drawing simple objects step by step and encourage children to copy.

Literacy activity: Listen to the story ‘We’re Going on a Lion Hunt’. Mrs Whitbread has read the story for you and uploaded this on Tapestry. In addition to this Link 5 is now an animated story of the We're Going on a Lion Hunt.

Maths activity: Use a toy (animal/doll/teddy) and place it in different positions in your home or garden. Describe where the toy is. Can you use these words; above, below, next to, under, on top, in front of, behind, around…etc.


Physical activity: Enjoy a game of hide and seek. Can you count to 10 or 20?


Additional activity suggestions:


Using your recycling you could make some binoculars.

Use a milk carton to create an elephant – see picture below or another wild animals

On a sunny day use your animal toys to create a shadow – What causes the shadow? Can you draw round the shadow? Can you make the shadow bigger or smaller? – see photo below

You could go on your own lion/animal hunt. Perhaps draw a map to follow and find the animal.

Pretend you a saw a wild lion – what would you do? You could record this a picture, sentence or just talk about it with you.







Additional website support:

Link 4 is a link to a website - audible.co.uk This website can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories, including titles across 6 different languages, that will help them continue dreaming, learning and just being children. All stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet. Explore the collection, select a title and start listening - and enjoy. 

This week is STEM week - we have been focussing our learning around dinosaurs and discovering all about Mary Anning - ask your child why she is famous. 

The role play area has been transformed into a vets. We are enjoying this area.

It was very cold today. It started to sleet. The children enjoyed trying to catch the flakes. We discussed why the ground was wet. Ask your child what we found out.

This half term the children are learning about wild animals. The children have been painting some of these animals and starting to write a caption about their work.

Today we followed a trail on a map to find the mystery at the end. Ask your child about the mystery. When we returned to school some of us made our own maps.

This week we have been exploring which writing markers will write best on shiny silver foil. Ask your child what they found out.

"Is it shiny?" is our new theme of learning. We started the new topic with a wow adventure - looking for the missing shiny things. We searched in the garden to find the missing shiny objects. We will also be thinking about "will it sparkle?" and exploring a range of questions about materials and their properties.

This week we have been thinking about festivals and celebrations - we have talked about Diwali, fireworks, Chinese New Year, birthdays, Halloween, New Years Eve, etc. We have been enjoying a range of activities about these celebrations.

This week we based our learning around the story 'Room on the Broom.' The children looked fantastic in their outfits. Thank you for supporting our celebration.

We have been using large movements to strengthen our muscles tohelp us with our mark making.

In PE we worked together to make the parachute move.

This week we had some special visitors in school. They are helping all the children to create a special school mosaic.

Heres a glimpse of some of the things the children have been doing at school. 

Today all the children celebrated Roald Dahl day. The children all dressed up as one of the characters from his many books. 

Everyone looked fantastic.


What characters can you see?