Welcome to our Early Years page

We are looking forward to welcoming a new group of children in September, when you will be able to see all the exciting things we are doing on this page. Until then, why not watch the video below which will give you lots of information about what our early years setting could offer to you and your children.

Early Years Staff

Mrs Negus

Mrs Whitbread

Ms Dathan

School Day 9.00 - 3.00

PE - Friday morning

Library - Books given out on a Friday and collected in on a Wednesday.

Please share your child's library book with them, reading the words and talking about the pictures


Termly Newsletter

What have Early Years been up to?

                     This week we have been reading the story by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury,


                            We're Going On A Bear Hunt

Our learning has focused on counting bears, painting bears, talking about bears and going on our own bear hunt. 

We can't go under it, we can't go around it. We have to go over it. 

We can't go around it, we can't go over it. We have to go under it. 

We can't go under it, we can't go around it. We have to go along it. 

It's a BEAR!

The bear had some biscuits to share - yum yum. 

Ask your child to retell the story We're Going on a Bear Hunt.

Over the last two weeks we have been using bears in lots of our learning. We have counted bears, painted bears, compared the size of bears and even built homes for our bears. The children have also enjoyed listening to bear stories and acting out the story using the small world characters. 

The children had great fun today smelling chocolate and then breaking it up and watching it melt.  They then dipped their breadsticks in and added sprinkles to make firework sparklers. The best bit was then eating them.

Last week we started outdoor learning and the children enjoyed going out for a walk around the school grounds looking for signs of Autumn. On our walk we collected leaves, conkers and helicopter seeds. 

The children also learnt some of the names for areas of our school - orchard, meadow, woods, bug hotel. We the used some the natural resources to make faces.

It was great to see so many of the children wearing the correct clothing and footwear. 


Navy or black joggers with school jumper, a raincoat and wellington boots. 

The children had great fun in their first PE lesson and enjoyed following the obstacle course. We were looking to see who could run in and out of the cones, balance on the beam, jump into the hoops and finally travel across the stepping stones without falling off. A great effort and perseverance was made by all. Well done. 

The children have been settling in well and making lots of new friends.