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Mrs Blunden

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Mrs Boltwood

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8:45 - 11:45

PE - every other Thursday

Library - Friday

Please share your child's library book with them, reading the words and talking about the pictures

Termly Newsletter

Settling In Letter

What have Nursery been up to?

This week we dug up the 6 potatoes we planted earlier in the year. Before we dug them up the children each predicted how many they thought had grown - these predictions ranged from 1 to 100! We actually dug up 104! After this the children scrubbed the potatoes clean, then they cooked. They tasted delicious - yum.

Today we enjoyed the wonderful wet weather. 

Please remember we go out in all weathers - wet proof clothing is essential for Outdoor Learning.

The garden has been alive with marvellous mini beasts. The children have been enjoying looking closely at them, using magnifying glasses and ensuring the animals are safe.

This week has been all about snails and their spirals. The children have enjoyed reading books about snails, drawing spirals, writing about them and looking for them in the garden. The children have been learning lots of snail facts - ask them about their favourite snail fact.

Amazing Animals

Harry's Dad came to school with some of their amazing animals. It was a fantastic morning where we were able to hold, touch, feel and feed. “WOW”

The children all enjoyed their first PE session with Mr Edwards, the sports coach, we look forward to our Friday lessons this half term.

The children have been very busy this week and have made the most of the dry weather and planted in our growing boxes.


The children have planted potatoes, runner beans, broccoli, carrots and lettuce.  

The Easter Bonnet were amazing! Thank you for your support and creative art work. The children looked fantastic. 

Happy Easter everyone.

The children throughly enjoyed the theatre performance today. The Little Angel Theatre group performed the story "Wow, it's night-time." We have been reading the story this week and using the animals in our learnng.

There were lots of WOW moments in the show.

 Ask your child which part they enjoyed the most.

The children really enjoyed the parachute today. The children had to listen carefully and work together to make it move. 

Ask your child what they could hear and feel when they moved the parachute.

How many astronauts jumped on our parachute moon today?

This week we have been using the book 'Aliens Love Underpants.' 

For Comic Relief we dressed in red and some of us wore our pants like the aliens.

This week we have been reading the book 'Whatever Next" by Jill Murphy. The children are enjoying the space theme and together we are changing the role play area into a space station.

Today, 13.2.19 our teddy bears came to school. Earlier in the week we had written invitations to our bears inviting them into school for a special day. Yesterday we had made jam tarts and this morning we made honey sandwiches. The colours of our food linked to Chinese New Year red jam and goldenhoney, the lucky colours. We took our bears into the hall and retold parts of the bear hunt story. We also showed our bears how we played the musical instruments to make the Chinese dragon dance. After that we came back into class and had a fantastic picnic together; the bears loved our food. We ended today reading a story to our bears and showed them how the different size of text effects how loud or quiet we say them.

The children all worked together today to collect all the snow to build a snowman. 

The children were very excited to find so much ice in the garden today. They collected all the ice. Some pieces were so large it took lots of team work to move it. 

The children have been using a variety of sieves to find the treasure in the sand.

Happy New Year to you all. The children have settled back quickly. We have been exploring a range of mechanical and technological toys. 

We have been using bread to make Christmas decorations. Ask your child about the changes that have happened to the bread. Can they tell you when it was soft and when it was hard?

The Nursery Christmas production; The Greatest Ever Journey, will take place on Friday the 14th of December at 10.30. 

Today the children had a brilliant bubble workshop. The children explored the best way to blow bubbles and which items can create bubbles. They used paint in coloured water and blew bubbles to create pieces of art. We also found out how to put your finger in a bubble! After this we all went outside to see some enormous bubbles.

Brilliant Bubbles

The children made poppies to remember the soldiers that have died in the many wars.

The children all dressed in red as a mark of respect and we held a minutes silence.

Today we dug up the parsnips. 

How many do you think there are?

We will be eating the parsnips as part of our 'Remembrance.' Parsnips would have been grown and eaten during the war.

Today we were colour and pattern detectives. The children looked carefully for different colours and pattern in the school grounds - Look at the pictures to see some of the colours and patterns we saw. At the end of our walk we collected as many leaves as we could and threw them in the air to experience how the leaves feel and sound.

This week we have been thinking about snails and the spiral patterns on their shells.

This weeks learning was inspired from the snails the children have found in the garden. We have read factual books, created circular art, created spirals in PE, curled up small, plus lots more. Ask your child about their snail learning. 

The children have been enjoying one of the growing boxes that is currently a dinosaur area.  

The children are enjoying sharing books in our newly decorated outside reading area. The chair and stools look very colourful.

In PE today we went outside to find sycamore seeds. We watched carefully how they moved. We then moved like the seeds. It was fun using the streamers too.

We enjoyed watching the tractor cut the grass today.

After this exciting event we rolled toy tractors in paint to make pictures.


Come and see our display inspired by the tractor.

The children have been enjoying the range of books in the book corner.

They have been sharing the books with their friends and talking about the pictures and pointing to some of the text.

The children made delicious smartie cookies today.  

Can they remember how they made them?

The children are settling quickly into Nursery. They have been very busy exploring their new environment. 

Our topic on colour and pattern culminated today. The children wore their decorated hats, wore clothes that were colourful and patterns. During the week the children had made their own amazing multi-coloured telescopes, they enjoyed looking through them. We had special food to celebrate too.