Welcome to our Year 1 Page

Welcome to our Forest Schools Page


At Andrews Lane learning experiences are not just confined to the classroom, but are also inspired by and taught in the great outdoors, making good use of our unique environment. We have access to a large outdoor area and we have an established wild woodland area within our site. Teachers are enthusiastic about using the outside environment and we have taken to heart the fun, stimulation and recognised learning benefits of practical learning outside the four walls of the classroom.

Ofsted have recognised - "When planned and implemented well, learning outside the classroom contributes significantly to raising standards and improving pupils' personal development." 

Within our woodland area we have a covered clearing where children can shelter and use as a base when learning outside.

In the words of one Year 2 pupil: "I love our lessons outside. I learn so much when we go outside. I especially liked cooking on an open fire."

By extending our teaching outdoors we create opportunities for children to develop a wider understanding of their capabilities and skills. It also allows us to develop and extend the skills the children have learnt in the classroom, such as discovering a variety of habitats and creatures in Science and using a mathematical equation to discover the ages of the trees in our school grounds. We learn about the environment and area in which we live. In fact, activities undertaken outdoors at Andrews Lane provide direct and relevant experiences which deepen and enrich learning.


What have we been up to outside?

Forest School Programme

Click on the letter to read about our exciting Forest School Programme which currently provides opportunities for children in year 2 and year 5, followed by years 3 and 4 after half-term.

Year 1

In Science, Year 1 have been finding out about their senses. In class they learnt their five senses (sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste) and then went outside to see how they could use these senses to explore the outdoor learning environment.




After reading ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ our reception class went outside on a hunt for caterpillars. They looked at places real caterpillars might live. After that, each child was given a piece of string and had to think of places where a caterpillar might climb to. They placed their strings around the outdoor learning area and had to search to find all the caterpillars that had escaped.