Welcome to our Year 1 Page

Class Teacher

Miss Cartwright

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Curtis

Mrs Lee

Working Together Mornings are every Monday.
Outdoor Learning is every other Tuesday. 
Home Learning is given out each Friday and due in the following Wednesday. 
P.E. -  Basketball is on a Thursday.
Multisports is on a Friday.

Please read at home with your child four times a week.

Welcome to our Year 1 page

Termly Newsletter

Autumn       Spring

What have Year 1 been up to?

Science experiment to make slime!

The children made slime by measuring the ingredients. They used weighing scales to weigh the cornflour and measured out the water carefully. They slowly mixed in the water until the mixture became thick. They then added food colouring to change the colour. They put their hands in the bowl and experimented with handling. We discussed how it felt, if it was hard or soft and if it was a liquid or a solid. 

Writing Instructions

Year one have been practising writing instructions. On Tuesday the children planted a sunflower seed and then wrote instructions on how to plant a seed.  On Wednesday, after watching Miss Cartwright make lemonade, wrote instructions for each step. They then had to follow their own instructions and make lemonade themselves. 

I was very impressed with the results!

Practical Maths Carousel
The children enjoyed a variety of practical activities. They practiced place value by using dienes to make big numbers and they used dienes to add two numbers together. They used clocks to make different times; to the hour and half past the hour. They enjoyed solving number problems to play number bingo and practiced reading written numbers.

Moving Pictures - Wheel Pictures
After reading the story of Little Red Riding Hood the children made moving wheel pictures.
Beware of the wolf hiding in the trees!

Moving Pictures - Sliding Pictures
Year one have been learning about mechanisms.
After reading the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff they made a sliding picture of a goat crossing over the bridge. 
Trip Trap! Trip Trap!