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What have Year 2 been up to?

World Book Day was a great success. It started with our book breakfast with parents and ended with all the school competing in a book quiz. 


Year 2 have been busy since coming back in January. They have started their topic about the Fire of London and are looking at materials in science. 

We went out on a materials walk and looked at what different materials are used for. In outdoor learning we then tested different materials to see which were the most waterproof when making a shelter for our trolls. 

The children had some good ideas about also using bark and leaves to help make their materials more waterproof.  


Year 2 have been using the Base 10 dienes resources to support them with adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers. 


STEM Week 

All of Andrews Lane have been expanding their Science, Computing and Design Technology skills this week. Each class has completed a series of activities and workshops focusing around these subjects. 

Year 2 explored what happens when heat is applied to ice by attempting to free a plastic toy from a block of ice. They also made colour wheels, learnt about reflective light and cooked up a storm by baking their own shortbread. They also investigated how sounds can change through a water based, music maker activity and went on an outdoor colour walk to help them better understand how colours within nature change depending on the season. This was particularly relevant to our current topic on Seasons. Everyone really enjoyed the activities and awe and wonder was definitely present throughout. 

Brilliant Basketball 

This week, year 2 took part in their first basketball session of the half term. They were excited 

to get moving and learn new skills, such as dribbling, passing and shooting. As part of their first week, they played a few games to get the children warmed up and moving. They then learnt about the appropriate way to grip the ball in order to dribble effectively. The children enjoyed 

working on their reaction skills by playing a short game with a partner. They needed to listen and respond to each instruction and be the first person, in their pair, to grab the ball when the 'key word' was mentioned. It was a busy first session and the children can't wait for their next one. 

Happy Halloween 

The children are going to be enjoying their last day of their first half term with a range of Halloween activities, culminating in a spooky Halloween disco this afternoon. Year 2 are excited to be making their own Halloween masks as well as enjoying a few tasty treats during the disco. 

Florence Nightingale 

During this half term, our topic lessons have had a history focus. The children have been learning about a significant individual known as Florence Nightingale or 'The Lady of the Lamp.' The children have spent time learning about her significance during the Crimean War and the ways in which she helped to develop both the independence of women as well as medicine. They have enjoyed comparing hospital conditions pre Florence Nightingale to post as well as how hospitals have changed today. Next week, they will create their own paper lanterns as part of an art task linked to Florence always carrying a lamp with her around the hospital.


Over the past couple of weeks, the children have begun to compare things that are either, alive, dead or neither. They have begun to discuss and understand what living things are able to do, compared to things that are either dead or have never been alive, and sort these things accordingly. They have completed this in a couple of different ways and have enjoyed explaining what they know. In the coming weeks, the children will be using some of their knowledge of living things to explore different varieties of habitats.

The Paper Bag Princess 

This week, year 2 began reading a fairy-tale called The Paper Bag Princess. This fairy-tale is a less traditional tale, starring Princess Elizabeth as the heroine who must save the prince from a dangerous dragon. The children enjoyed discussing this key difference to conventional fairy-tales and have begun to re-tell the story using group story maps. Throughout the next few weeks, the children will further internalise the story then plan and re-write it, including their own unique twist. The children will also learn about key story writing features including description and structure. 


This week, year 2 have been getting to grips with representation. They have explored different forms of making and drawing amounts using a variety of manipulatives, such as base ten, place value counters and abacus frames. They then used tens frames to represent different numbers bonds both physically and pictorially. This key skill will help them to continue to express their mathematical thinking throughout year 2 and beyond. 

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to school. Miss Kerr and I are looking forward to getting to know the children and enjoying a happy and successful term in year 2. So far, the children have begun to become accustomed to the daily routines and expectations and have enjoyed participating in exciting lessons such as Music, Football and Yoga. They also greatly enjoyed Roald Dahl Day and created a mix of colourful artwork and descriptive writing based around Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 

Next week, the children can look forward to engaging in a regular timetable including our new topic on Florence Nightingale, Outdoor Learning and our Science unit on Habitats.