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Mrs Clark

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Mrs Mizon

Working Together mornings - Thursday (fortnightly)
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Spelling tests - Tuesday
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Termly Newsletter

Welcome to our Year 5 Page


What have Year 5 been up to?

Sharing Assembly

Year 5 began the week by sharing their learning with the rest of the school during assembly. They shared a selection of their descriptive writing, from English, marvellous maths bar models, their amazing art work from our topic, the Ancient Greeks, as well as the beautiful Torah scrolls from R.E. Well done year 5!

Last week, we began a new project in D.T. - making games. we started by thinking about the different games that already exist, physical games, board games, card games etcetera. This week, we researched these games and began to consider how they are made. The real fun begins next week, when we starting designing our own, which will hopefully have an Ancient Greek theme to link with our topic. Keep your eye on the website to see how they develop!








Working with Parents

A big thank you to all the parents that came to work with us this Thursday morning. For those of you who missed it we had a maths challenge that relied on your logic, reasoning and ability to be methodical! Congratulations to all those that rose to the challenge.

In R.E. this week , we have been looking at sources of wisdom. In our study of Judaism we have learnt that the Torah is a sacred text, that Jewish people refer to as a guide. Inspired by this we made our own scrolls and wrote rules and ideas that we felt we should aspire to live by.

A belated Happy New Year to all of you!

Year 5 have made a fantastic start to the Spring term and are already hard at work on our new topics.

Our budding scientists have started the topic, the changing properties of materials. We have been exploring which properties are dissolvable. This proved a surprise for some whose predictions were not accurate!

In English, we have been learning how to write instructions. As year 5 found out, it's not as easy as it looks. They were given the task of writing instructions to face paint a tiger, then we tested the effectiveness of their instructions by painting their faces, strictly according to the instructions they had written. As you can see, some were more successful than others! In their evaluations, they all realised they had to be much more specific!

                                                  What a scary bunch!

                                            Merry Christmas!

Thank you to everyone who came to St Mary's Church to watch our beautiful Christingle service. Hopefully, you enjoyed our rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas!

Year 5 celebrated the end of term with a class party, during which they worked in teams to turn one of their classmates in to a snowman. We think they look fabulous. Mrs Mizon and I had a tough time choosing on the winners. We decided on George, Lewis, Anthony, Regan and Ciaran, not just for how the snowman looks, but their determination and perseverance to complete the task! 

                    IMPORTANT NOTICE

                 Week beginning 11/12/17

Due to a flood in the year 5 classroom, we will be using the ICT suite as our room for the week. Your children can be dropped and collected, directly to and from the ICT suite (located directly opposite Bright Sparks pre-school) at the beginning and end of the day.

                                  Working Together Morning

Thank you to all the parents who came along to parents morning. The Christmas wreaths that we created are amazing and are now proudly displayed around the classroom. The children will of course be bringing them home at the end of term.

Jolly Jumper Day

Year 5 had a jolly time on Jolly Jumper Day. We had a very productive morning, creating our Christmas display. The children collaged winter hats, which included making pom- poms. Bit of a tangle with the wool, here and there, but we all succeeded in the end! Thank you for all your contributions to the school fete.

On Monday, in our topic lesson we began exploring the Greek gods and goddesses. We learnt that the Ancient Greeks built temples dedicated to specific gods or goddesses. We researched these temples and decided to build our own. Stage one was the design, based on research and we then moved on to stage two - the building! We hope to complete them after the half term break.