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Top Trumps

This week we have been researching animals that live in different habitats. Each group chose a habitat and then found twenty different animals that live there. They did research to find out key facts about the animal and then put this information onto cards to make a set of Top Trumps which they got to play with. Here are some of the cards we made.

Tudor Houses

This week we have been learning about Tudor homes. We have combined knowledge from our history lessons, with our Design technology skills to make Tudor houses from card, wood, plastic and straw.

Bright Sparks

This week in our science lesson we carried out an investigation to find out whether the length of a wire affects the brightness of a bulb. We built simple circuits in groups and then tested short, medium and long wires. Most groups seemed to find that with longer wires their bulbs got dimmer. Everyone seemed to enjoy the investigation and next lesson we will be drawing conclusions from our results.

Tudor Roses

This term we are learning about the Tudors. This week in English we have written biographies of Henry VIII and identified some of the most important events to take place during Tudor times. In our Working Together morning we made Tudor Roses from tissue paper and card which will decorate the outside of our developing display. Thanks to those who could come and join us for this activity and we look forward to seeing others in the future when you are able to take part.

Building Circuits

As part of our science topic on electricity, we have been learning to use circuit diagrams to build and modify circuits. We used buzzers, motors, cells, wires, bulbs and switches to build our circuits and now know the electrical symbols for all of these.


This week has been a complete change, as children have taken part in STEM focused activities for the week. Children have moved from one teacher to another, taking part in a range of learning that develops their knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. As part of this week, year 6 had a workshop to develop coding skills using the BBC microbit. The children coded short programs which prevented a diamond being stolen from a safe by setting off a series of alarms. All the children seem to have really enjoyed the range of activities this week, which will hopefully spark an interest in subjects where there are skills shortages nationally.


On Thursday afternoon, Year 6 went to the kitchens to bake some cakes. We adapted a recipe for 12 cupcakes and changed it so that we had the correct amount of ingredients to make 4. Then we measured out the ingredients and baked the cakes. At the end, a few fingers may have crept into the mixture. Everyone took home their cakes to eat and hopefully we will all still be feeling well tomorrow!

Outdoor Learning

This week, Year 6 went outside to learn more about how to light a fire safely and to play some word association games around the campfire. We collected sticks and learned how to build a fire, starting with the kindling in the middle with thin, dry sticks around it and leaving the thicker wood for later once the fire was going. By using this method we managed to light the fire first time and we played some vocabulary building games in a circle while the fire got going. Once the fire was ready, we all toasted marshmallows and only a few of them got burnt. Everyone had a great time!


Kingswood Day 4

So it is time for our last Kingswood update as we will soon be heading home. Today has been a really enjoyable mix of activities, some energetic and some skills-based. This morning we climbed up onto a see-saw very high in the air and practised our Fortnite dances with a partner up in the sky. We also did a session of tool skills, learning how to use a knife safely to make a tent peg out of sticks. This afternoon we have climbed a very high ladder which is only possible to do with good team-work as the children climb in pairs supporting each other, whilst those below shout encouragement. We have also had volleyball and orienteering. Tonight we will be doing mini-olympics, followed by the disco which the children are all very excited about. Tomorrow we will pack up early, do another morning of activities and head for home. It is hard to predict exactly what time we will arrive back at school, but if the traffic is good then it should be around 2.30pm or shortly after. Please could you be there to pick up your exhausted children and if you need any further updates about the time we will arrive back then contact the school office who should have more up-to-date information tomorrow afternoon. Until then, take a look at today's slideshow below.

Kingswood Day 3

We've had another action packed day today with children enjoying activities such as 3G swing, learning how to make campfires, zipwire, chariot making and fencing. Tonight we are looking forward to aeroball and having a campfire sing-a-long. Take a look at what has been going on!

Kingswood Day 2

Our first full day has been action packed with a variety of activities. We've taken part in laser tag, crate stacking, abseiling, a blindfolded obstacle course and archery and we still have two activities to do later. Some of the children are really starting to understand why we asked them to go to sleep at a sensible time last night now, but I'm sure they will all be exhausted by 'lights out' tonight. We've just finished dinner. Everyone has full bellies and just enough energy left for the evening before we start all over again tomorrow. Take a look below at some of the photos from today.

Kingswood Day 1

We have arrived at Kingswood! We had a good journey and everyone has unpacked and settled into their rooms. We had a tour of the site and had a glimpse of all the amazing activities we will be doing during the week. We then had a fantastic dinner and have now begun our evening activities (obstacle course and scrapheap challenge). The children have been excited by all they have seen and done and are loving the experience so far, although none of them could get their duvet inside their cover. We are looking forward to lots of great activities tomorrow after a peaceful night's sleep so check back tomorrow to find out what we've been up to.

Roald Dahl Day

Thursday 13th September was Roald Dahl Day and we celebrated by getting dressed up and having Roald Dahl themed activities during the day. Our class book was 'The Twits' and we devised our own awful pranks for Mr and Mrs Twit to do to each other. Take a look at our costumes below.

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the start of a new school year. There is always a lot going on at this time of year. We have new topics for our learning which include The Shang Dynasty in history, Health and Circulation in science, Mosaics in art and Designing a Website in computing. You can find out more about these in our termly newsletter above, which will be updated in the next week or two. Many of us are also looking forward to our residential trip to Kingswood which is only a couple of weeks away. There are new routines and expectations in Year 6 and you can find out more about these above. Working together mornings will start the week after Kingswood to give us a chance to settle in first. If you have any questions then just pop in and see me and I'll do my best to answer them for you. I look forward to getting to know everyone over the coming weeks and to having a successful year of learning for us all.

Mr Cox