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termly letter -summer yr 6 2017

 Year 6

Our main home learning is set on Wednesday and should be handed in the following Monday. This is normally a Literacy and a Maths task. In addition, reading, spellings and times tables should be practised daily.

 PE days- Monday (Street Dance) and Friday (Football)

The Daily Mile takes place most days and children need suitable footwear.


Children need their planner, reading book and PE kit in school every day.

Welcome To The Year 6 News Page

Roman Mosaics

As part of our history topic we have been making Roman mosaics in art this week. We all drew a mosaic of a Roman god or goddess and then the class voted on their favourite two to turn into wall mosaics using tiles. Each child was given part of the larger mosaic to build from tiles and then we fitted it all together. After half term we will be able to show you what the finished designs looked like once they are on display, but for now here are some photos of us at work building each part.

Kingswood Week


Thursday evening has come and it won't be long until we're all heading home. Today the children seemed to find another set of favourite activities. Swimming was fun and everyone was raving about laser tag. We also did some more climbing and one of the groups was excellent at the problem solving challenges, so it shows they can sometimes solve problems as well as create them! The excitement is building to breaking point as we are about to head off to the disco. This is probably because everyone wants to see Mr Cox's amazing dance moves which will prove once again what a cool teacher he is!


Everyone has had a really good day today after getting plenty of sleep last night. We have been trained as mini-detectives, completing a CSI Kingswood activity and trying to solve a crime using forensic skills, climbed various terrifying structures, done some abseiling and shot bottle rockets half way across the centre. We asked the children what their favourite part of the trip so far has been and this is what they said....

"I think the zip-line was the best because it was so fun." - Rhiana H

"My favourite was the power-fan because I love climbing." - Shaun

"My favourite was the zip-line because it went so fast." - David

"My favourite was the power-fan because it was scary jumping off and not knowing if the rope would catch me." - Luis

"I like the zip-line because I  slid on my bum at the bottom but it didn't hurt." - Paula

"I liked the power-fan best." - Emilia

"My best bit was when the food in my stomach experienced zero-gravity on the power-fan." - Khyar

"I liked the zip-line best because my feet never touched the floor." - Kai

"I liked the zip-line best because the end of it was funny." -Hayriye

"My best activity so far is the zip-line because I had to push myself to do it." - Christopher

"I liked the zip-line because it was so fun." - Henry

"I liked sleeping the second night without Hayriye talking all night." - Dolly Jane (who also talked all night the first night)

"I loved the blindfolded obstacle course because we got all muddy and we had to work together." - Rhianna O

"I liked the zip-line because I fell over at the end and it was funny." - Tia

"I liked the zip-line best because I ended up sliding all the way down backwards." - Jaye

"I did really well on the jungle-ropes because I made it higher than I thought I would." - George



Today has been a busy day with lots going on. Between the two groups, we've done a mixture of activities including abseiling, zip wire, a blindfolded obstacle course, archery and power fan which involves climbing a very high pole and then throwing yourself off. Everyone has had a great time, with many children achieving things they never thought they'd do. Soon we will be heading to bed for what will hopefully be a restful night's sleep before we start all over again tomorrow.


The First Night

We've all survived the first night (just). Last night our main meal was chicken nuggets and chips, which made everyone happy, with other choices available for those who wanted it. The children took part in two activities, Team Challenge and Mini Olympics. After the activities we came back, showered, brushed our teeth and went to bed. There are a few children who will probably be a bit tired today after staying up a bit later than they should have, but we'll be heading off for breakfast soon and then a full day of activties. Check back later to see what we got up to.


We had a good coach journey to Kingswood and have all arrived safely. We have met our group leader, Megan, who will be looking after us for the week. Children are currently in their rooms, desperately trying to uncover the mysteries of how a duvet fits inside a duvet cover. Assuming they manage to complete this task, they can look forward to dinner, followed by a teamwork challenge and a mini-olympics event before bed.

Roald Dahl Day

This week we celebrated Roald Dahl day by dressing up and taking part in lessons linked to Roald Dahl's work. We read some of 'The Twits' and tried to think up our own devious ways that Mr and Mrs Twit might try to annoy each other. We wrote our ideas as an extra 'missing' chapter for the book. If you would like to read your child's work, pop in at the end of the day and have a look at our class display. We also completed a Roald Dahl maths challenge and learned more about the author's life. Congratulations to Star who won the costume competition in our class!


New School Year

A huge welcome back to everyone at the start of the new term. We have spent our first few days as a class getting to know each other while Mr Cox desperately tries to get to grips with all the new routines in a new school. This week we have been learning about stories set in the past in English, looking at some Roman stories written by the author of the Horrible Histories series. We have been brushing up on our addition skills in maths, learning about Ancient Rome in our topic work and how to keep healthy in Science. The class have come back with a determined attitude to do well in Year 6 and seem to understand what an important year it is. It has been a pleasure getting to know them these first few days. Soon we hope to have some photos of our work and our time at Kingswood to share with you but in the meantime how about showing them some of the nutritional information on the food packaging they eat and discussing it with them? Then keep checking back for updates over the coming days and weeks.