Welcome to our Year 1 Page

Class Teacher

Miss Dathan

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Lee

Mrs Jones

Working Together Mornings are every Wednesday
Outdoor Learning is every Tuesday. 
Home Learning is given out each Monday and returned the following Monday.
PE with Mr Edwards- Wednesday

Yoga- Thursday

Please read at home with your child four times a week.

Welcome to our Year 1 page


Termly Newsletter

What have Year 1 been up to?

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Happy Friday everyone.

Today will be last day in school for those of you that have been attending on a Thursday and Friday, we would like to say to all of you and our friends at home that you have been fabulous to teach and we wish you all the best in Year 2. Thank-you parents and carers for all your support over the year.


Todays learning:

Phonics  - Revisit the sounds au, or and aw in the English lesson. Don’t stop being digraph spotters over the summer holidays and keep reading as much as you can.


English – Focus is a Story recount from the Oak National Academy – click on the link below.



Today you are going to write your recount based on the story of the Man on the Moon.

There is lots of learning in Maths, English, Science and the foundation subjects available on the Oak National Academy website if you want further learning for the summer.


Continue with the learning on the White Rose Maths link below. As well as this you can also access a terms maths learning by clicking on different dates. Enough to keep you busy over the summer if you want some extra learning.



Please find summer booklets for Maths and English in LINKS 1 and 5


Once again have a fabulous safe summer and we look forward to welcoming you back on September 3rd.


From Miss Dathan and the Year 1 team.

Try and make sure you continue to do some exercise with Joe Wicks  or Cosmic Yoga or ride your bike/scooter. Go on the trampoline, go for a walk, stay active.















This week the children have been learning all about Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.  Year 1 have enjoyed moving around the different classrooms and experiencing a wide range of interesting activities.

The children learnt all about fossils and dinosaurs with Mrs Whitbread.

They explored different science experiments with Miss Elvy.

Year 1 created paper aeroplanes and strong bridges with Miss Dathan.


The children also went to a Science work-shop where they explored and investigated a wide range of materials.


To end the week, Year 1 were very brave and taught the rest of the school in assembly all about Marie Curie and why she won two Nobel Prizes!



This week Year 1 had to practise their 'working as a team' skills with Mr Edwards in PE. The children played a range of fun and exciting games where they had to work as a team if they wanted to win!


This week Year 1 have investigated a variety of 2D and 3D shapes. 




After a festive Christmas break the children came back to school refreshed and read to learn.

This week Year 1 have learnt all about odd and even numbers. The children have been using a range of mathematical skills to help them to identify odd and even numbers.


This week the children have been busy preparing for Christmas. Years 1 and 2 started the week by performing their Christmas play 'I'm Gonna Shine' to the school and their families. The children were amazing and really did shine! Year 1 were then busy making their Christingles for the church service. They learnt all about the Christingles  and what each part represents. Year 1 were wonderful in the church service where they all sounded like angels signing their wise men song. 

After a busy week the children really deserve their Christmas break.

I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and I look forward to seeing all of the children back in the New Year.

                                                                 From the Year 1 Team. 


Year One have been learning about seasonal changes. They have been going on weekly walks around the school to investigate what has been changing. The children had noted that recently all the leaves have fallen off of the trees, they also had noticed that they all need to wear hats and gloves when going outside. The children concluded that the season is now changing to winter and we all know what exciting event happens in winter…. CHRISTMAS! Year One are very excited!



Year 1 have been enjoying a variety of maths lessons. The children have particularly liked the practical lessons where they have been able to work as a team to complete challenges. Year 1 have been focusing on how a number can be represented in different ways; bar models, whole part model, cherry tree model, pictures and number sentences.


Out Door Learning 

During out door learning this week the children looked at different animal bodies. They looked at similarities and differences between animals. The children then worked in groups in our forest school area to create a collage of different animals.