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Home Learning - given Thursday due in Monday

PE - Monday


Forest School - Wednesday


Children need their planner and reading book  in school every day

Class Teachers

Miss C. Elvy

Teaching Assistants

Mrs M. Bristow


What have Year 2 been up to?

The children found pictures of blue tit, robin, wren, blackbird, chaffinch, nuthatch and  goldfinch hidden in the woods.
On offer in the mud kitchen this week was very tasty vegetable soup.
Snack time - lemon and ginger tea, satsumas and brioche.

In maths this week, we have been looking at statistics (data). We have sorted information into a table, interpreted information in a table, created a tally chart from the rolls of a dice and then used the information to create a block graph. We will also be looking at pictograms. 

It has been a great week of learning. Well done everyone.

We had our first Forest School session this week. We met our leaders - Jude and Nichola and began with a game to get warmed up. There were lots of activities for the children to do - mud kitchen, hammocks, puppet theatre, ropes to walk along, using shaped punches to make patterns in leaves, as well as snack time - strawberry tea, fruit and fruit bread. The children organised this themselves. It was great to see the children enjoying the outdoors.

The children learnt how to tie a cow's hitch.
Parts of the forest are roped off to let the plants grow, so the fabric helps us see the rope.

The children came back to school eager and ready to learn.

We started our new science topic about plants today. The children were pretending to be scientists and wore gloves as part of this.

They had a magnifying glass, a pencil, a tulip flower and a large piece of paper on which to display their learning. They carefully dissected their tulip and looked at the different parts using a magnifying glass. We talked about what each of the parts were for. Everyone really enjoyed the activity.



from the Year 2 team

Thank you for all your help and support this term. The children have achieved so much and should feel very proud.

Year 2 Christmas show
Christmas Traditions

Year 2 performed their Christmas show today to their families. They have worked so hard to learn all their words and all the songs, as well as all the actions. They all  performed beautifully and sang totally unaccompanied, which is not easy to do! Well done everyone.

A big thank you to everyone who has helped the children learn their words. 


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Year 2 will be performing their show all about Christmas traditions on Monday at 9:30. Please come and support your child.

(Your child needs to come to school wearing Christmas jumper)

The children have had another busy week with some great learning produced.


In science, we talked about why everyone should wash their hands regularly. They had some great ideas and could explain themselves clearly.


In English, they have written letters to Santa and found out all about the different

traditions that different families have at Christmas.


In art, they have designed a tile based on their 'Can buildings speak?' topic. Today they are copying their design onto a clay tile. They look fabulous!


The children have been busy practising for their Christmas show - learning their lines and practising the words to the songs, as well as trying to remember the actions too.


Every day they come in and try and find the  cheeky elf. He has been hiding all over the place!!! Every day they add pictures to our 2 advent calendars - the reindeer stable and the school nativity play.

in science this week, the children were finding out all about how exercise and heathy food is good for our bodies. An interesting discussion was held about the different types of exercise. We are exercising even when we don't realise it - running around the playground, walking around the school, playing with our friends. They were able to tell me lots about what foods we should and shouldn't eat. 


In English, we are doing another week of learning based around the book 'The owl who was afraid of the dark'. Last week the children planned and wrote a new chapter for the book all about Halloween. This week they are writing an explanation text about the life cycle of a barn owl.

In art, the children have been doing a project about buildings that is linked to our geography topic. This week they are planning a class mural. It will be made up of clay tiles.

The children have been busy learning the Christmas songs for our show. They sound wonderful and have picked up the tunes and words quickly.

The children have had another busy week of learning. Well done everyone.


We have been working hard to learn our phonics and to use our knowledge in both reading and writing. Reading fluency is also something we have been working on.


In English, we have started 'Take 1 book' - this is where we look at 1 picture book for 2 weeks and do different English activities based on it. It is a chance for the children to practise some of the different skills they have learnt this term. The book is called 'The owl who was afraid of the dark'. It is proving very popular with the children. I am reading the novel version of the book too. The children have planned their own chapter and will be writing it on Friday.


In maths, we have continued with mental calculations and developing their  reasoning skills. We have linked our number bonds to 10 with complements of 10 to make 100.


In science, we have looked at the life cycle of a bird. After watching a video about it, the children recorded their ideas. I talked to the children about it and was able to give them a lot more information, which some of the children included in their learning.

The children have had another good week of learning.

In English, they have been writing an explanation text about 'Keeping healthy', using all the different features they have been learning about. (The ones they wrote last week about the life cycle of a butterfly were very impressive) 

In maths, they have been introduced to mental calculations. The simple way to add 9 is to add 10 and then adjust by taking 1 off the answer. The simple way to take away 9 is to take away 10 and then add 1 to the answer.

In art, they have been making their own art folders. The topic this half term is 'Buildings can speak'.


The children have had another good week of learning. Well done everyone.

In English, the children are creating an explanation text about the life cycle of the butterfly. It includes an introductory paragraph and some pictures of the different stages of the life cycle. Each picture has some text with it to explain what is going on. The children have been using the joining words - when, because to add extra information to a sentence.

In maths, it has been a practical measuring week - weight (mass), length and volume (capacity). They have been working in pairs or small groups to compare different objects using the symbols that mean equals, greater than and less than. They have enjoyed using the weighing scales and different measuring tapes. They have been developing their reasoning skills e.g., I think this container holds more water because... I know ___ is heavier than ___ because...

In science, we looked at the difference between carnivores and herbivores - teeth, what they eat, what their babies can / can't do and thinking about why this is important for the animals to survive. It was an interesting discussion.

The children quickly settled back into the school routine. They were keen to talk about what they had done for Halloween and where they had been in the holidays. Paradise Wildlife Park was a popular destination.

In English we started a new unit about explanation texts. The children were introduced to the features using a text about making ice-cream as an example. They will be writing a simple explanation text about firework safety  at the end of the week, using joining words to add extra information.

In geography we will be looking at the local area. We began by using Google Maps to locate the school. The children were keen to find where they lived and it was great to hear their enthusiasm - That is where I live! I can see my road. We talked about what places we would visit to do different things.

In science our topic is animals including humans. We began by looking at the human life cycle and comparing what happens at the different stages. They worked in groups to match key words, pictures and text for each stage. 

In maths the children investigated what happens when you add odd and even numbers. They made predictions first and then tried to prove their ideas using number calculations. We have also looked at equality and inequality.

Thank you for helping to support your children. They have achieved so much in their first half term in Y2. We are all very proud of them.

                                          From The Year 2 Team.

We wish everyone a restful and enjoyable half term break.

After half term we will be having PE on Mondays and Thursdays. Children need to come to school in their PE kit.

This week we had our last Forest School session, which was really sad. The children have really enjoyed the experience and tried lots of new things. Their confidence has grown and it has been good to see.

This week the children worked in groups to collected autumn things and use them to create a picture.  They also used clay to make a small pot with a lid into which they put a piece of cotton wool with some essential oil on it.


Well done to everyone. You have learnt so many new skills at Forest School.

At Forest School this week we played games, learnt about fire safety, played on the rope swings, relaxed in the hammocks, mud kitchen, built a den, did leaf rubbings and bark rubbings, made conker jewellery and toasted marshmallows over a fire. Great fun was had by all. 


The children collaged some owls this week. They are in our reading corner and are known as our 'Reading Owls'.


In DT the children made the pizzas that they had planned last week. They really enjoyed making them. The eating was the best bit according to the children!


Forest School was very enjoyable this week. Paul sang a song and all the children played instruments.


The children had a yoga session with Michael. They listened carefully and took part in different activities - the sun game, sneaky trees and ladybird relaxation. It was good to see them challenge themselves. At the end of the session, some of the children shared what they had enjoyed most.

        We had our second Forest School session on Wednesday. Jude had bought a new parachute that was 30 feet across - it was enormous! Everyone lifted the parachute over their head and then tried to sit on it. This created a mushroom. It was not as easy as it sounded, but it was a lot of fun. Much laughter followed!!!! There was a bird theme so the children had a bird treasure hunt and had the chance to make some bird feeders. Mud kitchen, the hammocks, a rope swing and ladder, as well as snack time were the other activities on offer.