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Friday 17th July

Good morning Y2. I hope you are ready for the final day of learning.

It was great to see some of you again yesterday. Everyone enjoyed the land art and the finished results were amazing! It was great to see you working together collecting the materials and then using them to create a masterpiece. Well done!

I had a lovely walk when I got in from school. There were lots of different bees on the lavender flowers in the garden. Out on my walk, I saw lots of butterflies. The most common type was the red admiral. There were red kites soaring high up in the sky. The rusty red of the forked tail looked beautiful as the birds flew around.

English –All about me - link 1 

Maths – 3-digit numbers: part / whole = link 2

Worksheet = link 3

A bit of fun - Emoji code breaker - secret messages = link 4


I have really enjoyed working with the children this year. It has been wonderful to see their confidence grow over time. They have produced some fabulous learning, both in school and at home through the online learning. It has been great to see some of it. It has been so good to see some of you back in school over the past few weeks with smiles on your faces.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the children at 'Working together' mornings this year. They really enjoyed you coming in and doing the different activities with them. Thank you also for helping them with their home learning and for reading with them.

From Miss Elvy

We wish you all a very enjoyable summer break and look forward to seeing everyone on September 3rd.

Please take care and keep everyone safe.

From Miss Elvy and all the Y2 team

(Science, technology, engineering and maths)

The children have been finding out about Helen Sharman, who was the first British person to go into space. After researching her for home learning, the children shared what they had found out and created a brainstorm of facts about her. They also read a text of information about her and answered questions about it. They will be creating a 'Fun facts' sheet about her.


Did you know that she is one of only 59 women who have flown in space?


Did you know that she applied with 13,000 other people to be an astronaut in 1989 after hearing a radio advert looking for astronauts?



Lemonade was poured into a glass and then different foods were added. The children predicted what they thought would happen. They tested grapes, rice, spaghetti, chickpeas, and raisins. Some of the food looked like it was dancing and the grapes spun around.

With Miss Dathan, the children were making aeroplanes from 3 types of paper. They used tissue paper, ordinary paper and then card. It was great fun testing them in the hall to see which flew the best. They talked about which type of paper worked best and why.

STEM WEEK has been a great success. The children have really enjoyed going to different classes for the different activities. They have been keen to share what they have been doing and what they have been learning about.

With Mrs Whitbread, the children looked at some fossils and pictures of dinosaurs. They talked about the work of Mary Anning. The children made dinosaur fossils with plaster of Paris, made imprints of footprints and used straws to represent the bones inside the dinosaurs.



The children worked in pairs to solve different challenges. Using skittles, they had to discuss how to arrange them to make different patterns. They arranged them in a petri-dish and then warm water was carefully added. Then the children had to wait and watch what happened. Had they completed the challenge successfully? If it didn't work, they had to work out how they would arrange the skittles differently so it would. They made different fractions and even stripes. It was great fun. You could even try this at home!

With Miss Dathan, the children worked in groups to build a bridge across a tray using different materials. Then they had to see if a car would go across it safely. It was great fun!
Water droplet challenge
Using a pipette, the children had to carefully put drops of water onto different coins. It had to be done really carefully so they could get as many as possible. Someone managed 52 drops on a 1p coin! How many do you think you could get?


The children took part in a materials workshop run by SETPOINT Hertfordshire. To begin with, the children had to look at some pictures of different materials and decide which was the odd one out and then explain why.

Their first activity was to test different materials to find out if they could stretch, bend, twist or squash them.

The next activity was to find out which materials were waterproof and could then be used to make a waterproof coat for a little pig to stay dry if he went out in the rain. 

The final task was to find out how to make paper waterproof using wax. 


We started a new science topic this week - Plants.

To begin with the children created a brainstorm of ideas to show us what they already knew. These ideas were then shared with class. 

Each child then had a pair of gloves, a magnifying glass, a large sheet of paper and a tulip flower. Following Miss Elvy's lead, they dissected (took the flower apart) the flower so they could look at and identify each part. We talked about what each part was for. The children were so careful and took real pride in their learning. It was great to see.


At 'Working Together' this week the children had to use their 'maths eyes'. They were given a picture of a swimming pool and then had to look for all different mathematical things - colours, patterns, shapes, numbers. It was amazing what they came up with. It was obvious that they had looked really closely at the picture.


In science this week we have been looking at the 5 senses. The children had to use their  senses to identify different sorts of crisps, some sugar and some coffee. Coffee was the easiest because it has such a strong smell. Everyone just needed to smell it. The crisps proved much more of a challenge! We had to taste them to finalise our ideas, and even then we didn't all agree! There was some great reasoning to explain their ideas. The children really enjoyed the activity. We talked about the fact that we expect certain foods to look a particular way. We get confused if the colour is changed and uncertainty creeps in. We might need to use more than 1 sense to decide what something is.

In English, the children have been learning about creating questions to find out about something. They have been using key words to start their sentences - why, where, who, when, what, can, do & how.

In 'Working together' this week the children had a picture to look at. The task was to write as many questions as they could about it. They came up some really creative questions. Well done.


In science this week, the children have been finding out about the different animal groups (fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and insects) and their characteristics. They had to identify different examples of animals that fit in the groups. We also looked at parts of a plant and different types of seeds.


In computing, the class have been programming a turtle to draw different shapes. They had to type in different commands to make the turtle draw a capital 'L' shape and then a capital 'T' shape. They approached the tasks with confidence and enthusiasm.

In maths they have been looking at how addition is commutative, through both the use pictures and number sentences. We are trying to develop their reasoning skills too. Each morning they have a '5 a day' challenge. There are 5 questions about different areas of maths. Their confidence is really growing and they can explain their thinking much more clearly now. Well done everyone!

In 'Working Together' this week we made dragons to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The head and the tail were carefully coloured and a piece of red paper was folded like a concertina to make the body. Once the head and tail were cut out, they were attached to the body. Lolly sticks were attached to the head and tail so the dragon could dance. Thank you for coming in to help the children.  


In Maths this week the children have been looking at statistics (data handling). We have looked tables of information and answered questions about them They even devised some questions for the class to answer.

Today we have looked at pictograms and how information can be shown as pictures. To make it more of a challenge, we have looked at different scales.

In P.E. the children had their first session of boxing. This was great fun. The children worked in pairs - one had a pair of boxing gloves and the other had a set of pads. They learned different moves and how to keep their guard. Then they swapped over. Well done everyone.

In English we have based the learning around the book 'Traction Man' by M. Grey. Our grammar this week has been using adverbs to describe how something is done. They have created their own character and used adverbs to describe him.


The children quickly settled back into school and were eager to learn. They were keen to see their friends again and to catch up with them.

In maths this week, we are looking at estimation and measures - length, weight and capacity.

For capacity, we looked at different containers and discussed how many of some smaller ones it would take to fill the larger ones. Did different shaped containers hold the same amount of water? It was fun finding out! There were some very close estimates.

In science, we looked at how we are the same and how we are different. The children were very creative with their suggestions. We also investigated the size of our hand spans. Does the tallest child have the largest hand span? Does the shortest child have the smallest hand span? We proved this to be false. We also created a pictogram of eye colour. Brown eyes are the most common in our class.

We have arrived at the last week of the autumn term and the children have been busy getting ready for Christmas.

On Tuesday we had our Christmas production of ' I'm Gonna Shine '. The children sang their hearts out and spoke their lines with confidence and clarity. Everyone agreed what a wonderful show it was and how well the children had done.

innkeepers and wives.JPG

On Thursday we will be walking to St. Mary's Church for our Christingle service. The children will be singing ' I'm gonna shine ' from the Christmas show. They have made their own Christingles that they will hold for the final song. EVERYONE WELCOME.

story tellers.JPG



This week the children are busy practising for the Christmas play. They have worked hard to learn all their speaking words and to learn the songs. They sound wonderful! The next exciting part is trying all the costumes on and then doing the play wearing them.

(Thank you for your support with the costumes and with helping them learn their words).

In maths, we have been doing all about money. We started off with the value of the different coins and then moved on to some problem solving. e.g. How many ways could they use the coins to make 12p? Can you make 27p with 6 coins? Finding the total of a group of coins.

In science, we looked at how we keep clean and why we need to. There was an interesting discussion about this. We also talked about the difference between children in poorer countries and themselves regarding hygiene and clean water.

This week the children have been busy practising for their Christmas play. Parts have been allocated and sent home to be learnt. (Thank you for helping them). The songs have been learnt. Now all we need to do is put it all together! We are practising scene by scene, both with the speaking and the acting.

In English, we are doing all the learning based on the book `Grumpy Badger's Christmas'. They will be writing their own version of the story in stages, trying to put into practice all they have learnt this term. It is amazing what the children are now able to write.

In Maths, we are looking at the whole and parts of a diagram or calculation. They have been introduced to the inverse and have been trying to use it to calculate missing numbers. They seem so much more confident and willing to try things from themselves. being able to explain their learning is just as important, because it shows whether they have understood it or not.

In PE the children had the apparatus out today. Climbing the ropes proved something of a challenge! Well done to the children who managed it. It is not as easy as it looks!

On Friday it was Jolly Christmas Jumper Day. The children came in dressed in colourful Christmas outfits, ready for a fun day of art activities. We also practised the songs for the Christmas play and allocated parts to the children. A quick audition finalised the decision.

As a class, we created a winter scene for a display in the hall. It looks wonderful. We also made our calendars. The children used little squares of coloured paper to create a butterfly mosaic. Great care was taken and a lot of thought. It was a fun-filled day for everyone.


In English we have started looking at recounts. To begin with, we looked at the different features - past tense, written in the first person (I, my, we, our), use of time words to show order and feelings. We looked at a diary entry written by Little Red Riding Hood and identified the different features. The children then wrote their own diary entry as if they were Little Red Riding Hood.

In maths we have been looking at multiples of 10. Using a beadstring to help them, the children made a 2-digit number. They then had to decide which multiples of 10 were on either side. 23 is between 20 and 30. Finally they had to decide which multiple of 10 it was closest to. 23 is closest to 20.

In music we have started to learn some of the songs for the Christmas play.

At 'Working together' there was a maths challenge. Using the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ,8 and 9, they had different target numbers to make, using differing numbers of cards.  


The children took part in Mini Marines. Dressed in warm outdoor clothes the children began with a warm-up led by the 2 leaders. Then we did the first of the three activities - the observation post. There were 14 items that the children had to find from an observation point. They found out what they were all used for. Then it was onto the assault course. What a lot of fun that was! The final activity involved working as a team to move across an area using just 6 tyres. This was not as easy as they expected! Lots of laughter accompanied this activity!


The children quickly settled back into class and were keen to learn new things.

The children have been finding out all about Remembrance Sunday. We talked about the significance and meaning of the red poppy. We also looked at purple poppies to remember all the animals that died in the wars. Over 16 million animals served in WW1. These included horses, cats, dogs, donkeys, camels and birds. The children discussed what the different animals did. In 'Working together' the children made red and purple poppies for a display. 

In maths the children have been doing subtraction. Using cubes to help them, they have been finding the difference between a teen number and 9. By re-balancing (adding 1 to each number), the children have been able to calculate the answer.

                       13-9=14-10,       17-9=18-10

In 'Working together' this week the children had a treasure hunt. There was a series of questions for them to answer. Everyone had great fun. 


Thank you to everyone for coming to share their child's learning and progress with us. The children have worked so hard and it was great to share their successes with you all.

The children had great fun at the Halloween disco. The costumes and make-up looked amazing. Well done to all the children who won prizes at the disco.


In English the children have been writing instructions. After a modelled lesson about making jam sandwiches, the children wrote their own instructions for making a disgusting sandwich. They had some wonderful ideas!

This week they are writing supported instructions for how to catch a dinosaur and then an independent set for how to catch a giant.


We look forward to seeing you - to share and celebrate your child's learning with us.


During 'Friendship Week' we had great fun making different things for our secret friend. In 'Working Together' we made friendship chains. On coloured strips of paper the children wrote messages about being a good friend and then linked them all together to make a chain. we also made a long class friendship chain.


In groups, we made friendship rings in outdoor learning using leaves, twigs, stones and anything else we could find. In the middle was something special decided by the group. It was a picture, a special stone or maybe a special leaf. They looked amazing!

This week it is 'Friendship Week'. Each child has their own secret friend for the week. They will be doing different activities about friendship and making things for their secret friend. All the staff in school are doing the same. Each child has made a friendship card and created a friendship medallion. In 'Working Together' we will be making friendship chains. We have discussed what makes a good friend - e.g. honesty, having fun, taking turns.

In maths we have been looking at the value of the different digits. Lots of practical work has taken place. We have been counting on and counting back.

Last week we looked at regrouping 2 digit numbers.



Our P.E. days are: Monday = Streetdance, Wednesday = P.E. with Mr Edwards, Thursday = Yoga

Please make sure your child has their P.E. kit in school every day.

Home learning is given out on a Thursday and needs to be returned on the following Monday. 

Outdoor learning will be on alternate Thursdays (from Sept. 19th). Please ensure your child has wellies and joggers or leggings.

'Working together' will be every Wednesday morning - everyone is welcome

The children are settling into the routines of Y2. They are learning to be more independent and to try things for themselves.

It was Roald Dahl Day last week and the children came dressed as a favourite character from one of his books. Some children even had additional props as part of their costume. Thank you to everyone for your support. As a class we look at The BFG. We wrote descriptions of him and also made dream catchers. They really enjoyed the day.


In maths this week we have been learning about tens and ones. The children have been regrouping 10 ones for a stick of ten. They played a game that involved them rolling a dice and putting the right number of ones on a tens frame. Once it was filled they had to exchange 10 ones for a stick of ten. The aim was to get to 100.