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What have Year 3 been up to?

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All About the Rainforest 

This half term, Year 3 will spend time exploring different geographical elements of the rainforest. Last week, they discussed what they already knew about the rainforest, including climate, location and animals. We also discussed deforestation, a topic that links to their class novel, Rainforest Calling. 

This week, Year 3 explored the different layers of the rainforest. They discussed the the weather within each layer as well  as what animals lived there any why. They then spent time drawing rainforest animals and labelling the layer in which they lived. 

Welcome Back Year 3 

A massive welcome back to all of the children in Year 3. It has been a fantastic first few weeks back with everyone feeling extremely positive and eager to learn and be back with friends. The children have enjoyed spending time together during break and lunch as well as getting active in PE with Mr Edwards. The children completed their first Thursday PE session this week which will continue until Easter and beyond. Year 3 have enjoyed getting creative and sketching artwork based around Pop Art as well as completing self portraits in the style of Frieda Kahlo. A truly positive start all around.  

Perfect Poetry 

This week, year 3 will be focusing on poetry features when writing. They will spend time identifying different poetry features including repitition, rhyme, alliteration and similes. They will discuss The Magic Box and use it as a stimulus to write their own poems. Additionally, they will spend time exploring acrostic poems, discussing different versions as well as writing their own acrostic poems. These poems will include a festive theme. 


Our current, R.E unit in year 3 is 'Christianity.' So far, the children have discussed and explored a number of parables, including The Good Samaritan. They have also learnt about the inside of a Church by taking a virtual tour. The children learnt about different features of a Church including the pews and fonts for Christenings. The children have also learnt about the Ten Commandments. They really enjoyed discussing the rules they would make in order to make the world a better place. Their responses were considered, considerate and generally very impressive. This week, we will be exploring Christian symbols and what they each represent. 

Jolly Jumper Day 

Year 3 spent time crafting on Friday as part of our Jolly Jumper Day celebrations. The children, dressed in their seasonal best, designed and made their own Christmas cards as well as their own Christmas bauble which was placed upon the tree within our class display. They also watched a festive film and sang Christmas songs. A very merry time was had by all and it has put us all in a great mood for the upcoming, Christmas season. There will be lots of other exciting, Christmas activities to come such as writing Christmas poetry, learning a class song, the annual Christingle service and much more. T'is the season to be jolly!  

Rocks and Soils 

This half term, year 3 are learning all about different types of rocks and soil in Science. They are exploring, naming and classifying different types of rocks as well as investigating which rocks are permeable and which are impermeable. They will learn about different uses for different types of of rocks such as slate and marble and have so far enjoyed what they have learnt. They are looking forward to exploring and learning further. 

The United Kingdom 

This half term, year 3 are learning all about The United Kingdom. The children have already spent time learning about the four countries that make up the United Kingdom, their flags, symbols and other interesting facts (such as Stonehenge being located within the South of England). Last week, they spent time researching the different seas surrounding the UK as well as the rivers they flow into. The children enjoyed using maps to locate different seas and oceans and were keen to share their findings. This week, we will be exploring hills and mountains by using a map to identify areas of high ground using a key. The children have been ever so enthusiastic which is a pleasure to see. 

Now Press Play 

Last week, year 3 enjoyed a school visit which allowed them the opportunity to complete an audio experience around climate change. The children wore wireless head phones (which were cleaned before and after each session) and were transported through time to the year 2066 where London was flooded, the polar ice caps had melted and Uganda was part of a terrible war over their lack of water. This audio experience allowed the children to become a part of the learning and understand the impact of climate change from the use of fossil fuels. At the end of the audio experience, the children were able to explain some of the reasons for climate change as well as the negative impact fossil fuels have on our environment. The class found the activity incredibly interesting and definitely learned a lot around a challenging subject within a short space of time. 

Welcome Back Year 3! 

Welcome back to another half term! Hopefully, everyone has had an enjoyable, relaxing week and are now looking forward to getting back into learning. This half term, our topic focus will shift to a geography unit. We will be exploring the United Kingdom in more detail as well as taking on new challenges within Maths and English. We are looking forward to learning and growing together as we enter the second half of the Autumn term.   

Interesting Instructions 

Over the next two weeks, year 3 will be learning all about instructions. They have already learnt about imperative verbs and how they tell the reader what it is they need to do, as well as adverbs of time which help the reader to know when to complete a particular step within their instructions. Today, they read and discussed two sets of instructions, identified the various features needed to write a successful set of instructions as well as identify the purpose of instruction writing and considered who might write or read them. Tomorrow, the children will be comparing two sets of instructions by discussing what makes them good as well as what features could be included to improve them. Consider looking at different types of instructions at home such as recipes, instructions for playing board games as well as instructions that come with any type of furniture that requires putting together. 

Place Value 

Over the next two weeks, year 3 will be taking a deeper look into place value. We have begun discussing the meaning of place value as well as other vocabulary such as 'digits' within a 'number.' We have also been exploring manipulatives such as money, base ten equipment and bead strings to represent the value of different amounts. The children have also begun to represent place value in different ways, using place value charts, cherry models, speaking frame sentences as well as number sentences. They have begun to look at 0 as a place value holder and compare the differences between different 3 digit numbers.  

Stupendous Stone Age 

Over the past two weeks, year 3 have been getting to grips with their new topic on the Dtone Age. So far, they have completed research online around what they would like to find out as well as targeted questions. They have also completed a comprehension activity around a text which help further uncover important facts. This week, we will be looking into chronology, discussing its meaning and ordering key events within the time period.

Welcome Back Year 3

A  huge welcome back to the whole of year 3. It has been a pleasure getting to know you all better and settling into the new, school year. We have already begun reading our class novel, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which everyone is immensely enjoying. We have also written some fantastic pieces of descriptive writing and everyone enjoyed Roald Dahl Day. 

We have begun learning about our new topic on The Stone Age and have found out some interesting facts whilst researching the time period in our Computing sessions. Everyone is looking forward to learning more. 

Every child now has a reading book and planner so make sure you are doing lots of reading at home as well as at school. It is sometimes great to just curl up, open a book and become immersed in our imaginations. Home learning will be given out this week. Please make sure it is completed and returned by Monday next week.