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Home Learning - given Thursday and due in Monday

PE - Monday and Thursday

Children need their planner, reading book and PE kit in school every day.

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Miss Babb 

Mrs Said 

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Miss Kerr 

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What have Year 4 been up to?

Marvellous Music 

This half term, year 4 are spending time learning about pitch, rhythm and other key areas linked to music. They have begun to learn the song, 'Mamma Mia' by Abba. First of all, we discussed the genre of music as well as the time period in which Abba were most well known. We discussed a few key facts about the band, including how their name originated and then progressed to listening to the song itself. The children listened to the verses, chorus and bridge within the music and discussed the meaning behind the lyrics. They went on to perform, discuss what went well and then make adjustments accordingly. The whole class were very enthusiastic about the lesson and are keen to continue over the following weeks.  

Now Press Play 

This half term, year 4's topic learning will be a historical unit based around Anglo-Saxons and Scots. To introduce the unit, year 4 participated in an interactive, audio story session using Now Press Play. The children wore headphones and listened to events told from the perspective from an Anglo-Saxon child. The children were transported back in time to AD450 where they ploughed the farmland with their trusty ox, ate potato, onion and nettle stew and even battled the terrifying Vikings over their land. After the activity, the children were able to share a variety of facts they had learned and were eager to know more. 

Fantastic Forest Schools 

This week, year 4 embarked on their first week of Forest Schools. Whilst they participated in this exciting experience last year, they spent time outdoors during a completely different season. This time around, the children were wrapped up warm, armed in their waterproof wellies, ready to learn and explore. The children enjoyed painting with mud, identifying different plants and trees as well as going on a bug hunt. The children greatly enjoyed learning in this more free flow manner and shared all of what they had learned at the end of the session around the fire circle. They are all looking forward to their next session immensely. 

Violent Volcanoes 

This half term's geography topic has been based around volcanoes. The children have spent time learning about how volcanoes are formed, how they erupt, key vocabulary as well as active, dormant and extinct volcanoes. The children have enjoyed learning about tectonic plates and their locations as well as different volcanic formations. They have spent time researching different volcanoes and writing factual, non-chronological reports using their research. The children enjoyed labelling the different parts of a volcano and creating art around this task using crepe paper. Overall, the children have learned a great deal about the subject and are able to make links between their knowledge. 

Marvellous Maths 

Over the past few weeks, Year 4 have been recapping and learning different mental addition strategies. Some of the strategies include; 'think 10,'  'think 100' and 'think 1000,' They have also been exploring complements, near tens and finding equal sums. The children have been applying the strategies in various concepts and using their reasoning skills to decide when which strategy would be most appropriate. The children will be moving on to mental subtraction strategies before tackling formal, written methods. 

Eggcellent Eggsperiments 

During this half term, year 4 have been exploring teeth, eating and digestion within their science unit. Most recently, they completed an experiment to explore the impact of sugar and acid upon eggs. This was conducted in order to help children make links to how the same substances might impact their teeth over time. The children placed eggs in various sugar based and acidic substances such as vinegar, Coke and lemonade and compared this with an egg placed in milk. The children made predictions about what might happen to which eggs and why. They then observed the impact each substance had upon the eggs and recorded their findings. It was an eggstremely enjoyable activity for all involved. The children also really enjoyed making various egg related jokes. 

Malevolent Myths 

Over the past few weeks, year 4 have taken a deep dive into the world of ancient Greek myths. The children have spent time reading and comparing various myths such as Theseus and the Minotaur as well as identifying common features within a myth. They have explored character description and greatly developed their knowledge of vocabulary. Finally, the class have planned, written, edited and redrafted their own version of a myth. I have been overwhelmingly impressed with the language, sentence structure and general understanding of this unit. The children have been incredibly enthusiastic and their efforts are evident in what they have produced. Everone should be really proud of their final drafts. Well done! 

Welcome Back 

Welcome back Year 4 to what has already been a fantastic start. Everyone has returned refreshed and keen to learn. Over the past few weeks we have been learning about myths and legends as part of our English unit. 

In maths, we have reviewed some key learning from Year 3 as well as begun to explore place value within four digit numbers. The children have enjoyed learning about our new, geography unit on volcanoes as well as their new science unit based around animals including humans.