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The staff and children have had a wonderful week of STEM activities. Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Each teacher provided different activities based on a STEM subject and the children moved around the classrooms, so that they could experience each one. Miss Babb and Ms Mardner provided science, Mr Cox provided technology, Mrs Dyson provided engineering, whilst I provided maths! 

Engineering - making paper trees, without glue, tape or fasteners - only paper and scissors allowed!

Technology - getting to grips with microbits proved to be very popular! 

Maths - Digit Flippers these proved to be trickier than the children anticipated, once they had made their digit flipper, they were able to investigate addition in a new way!

Influential Women in STEM

Each class also looked at the life of an influential woman, who worked in the STEM field. Tigers looked at the life and works of the pioneering mathematician, Katherine Johnson, who worked for NASA as a 'computer'. She was responsible for the calculations that launched American Astronauts into space and onto the moon, whilst overcoming the prejudice of being a coloured woman, in an era when segregation was still common place. A truly inspirational woman!

Lighting Up

In addition to all this, Tigers took part in an engaging workshop about electricity - they learnt how to construct simple circuits, and built a questions and answers game, which lit up a bulb with the correct answer. They were enthralled and thoroughly enjoyed the activity!

Friday 17th July

Bonjour Big Cats! It’s Friday, last day of the week, last day of the term and the last day of the academic year. We made it!

It has been absolutely fantastic to see some of you this week and I cannot wait to see you all again on THURSDAY 3RD SEPTEMBER. Tigers will be in the current year 5 classroom with Mrs Dyson. Lions you will be in what was the year 6 classroom, the new Lions year 5 classroom with me!

Today’s learning links are a little different. As most of you have been away from school for a considerable amount of time now I have set some summer challenges. The first of which is a competition... Who can read in the most unusual place? Bring me photographic evidence in September and the best will win a prize. You may enter as many times as you like. Here is a picture of one of our Tigers, reading in an unusual place in her garden. The ONE RULE to this competition is that it must BE SAFE and you must have ADULT PERMISSION.

Link 1: Memories of Year 4 – use this sheet to record some of your memories from this year

Link 2: Reading challenges – these cards can be used with any book, PLEASE KEEP READING!

Link 3: Writing challenges – how many challenge cards can you complete over the summer?

Link 4: English activity book

Link 5: Maths activity book

Lastly, please keep practising your times tables!         

All that remains is for me to say is that I hope the weather improves, stay safe, enjoy your summer and early to bed on September 2nd!

From Mrs Clark and all the Year 4 staff

World Book Day

On Thursday, the children came into school dressed as their favourite book characters. As always we were amazed by the ingenuity of our children (and parents). From The Day the Crayons Who Quit to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and our beloved Harry Potter, we saw them all.

In our celebration assembly, our blue crayon (which was a home made costume) won the prize for the best costume in Tiger class.

In English, the children have been learning how to write biographies. The conducted a thorough research of the scientist Michael Faraday, 'The Father of Electricity', before writing some excellent biographies. Some of these are now on display in the classroom, as part of our science display, which of course is electricity.

Working with Parents - a big thank you to all the parents who joined us again. This week we were celebrating St Valentine. Parents and children were making sun catchers, which are now proudly displayed on the classroom window. It was also great that we were joined by younger siblings, seeing whole families together, making their hearts made it extra special. Thank you, mums, dads, nans, little brothers and little sisters!

Tomato update! Our mummified tomatoes were AMAZING! The untreated tomato was, predictably after 4 weeks, not looking too good. The mummified tomatoes - WOW - shrunken, leathery, hard and most surprising... smelling like sweet biscuits!

In science this week we continue to look at states of matter. The children have learnt that condensation is part of the water cycle. After looking at the different stages of the water cycle, we built our own mini water worlds, cleverly disguised as growing cress. After each child planted and water their own cress seeds, they covered their pot with cling film. Over the course of the coming week the children will hopefully be able to observe how the water evaporates and cools, creating condensation on the cling film, which will eventually fall as'rain'.

In English, the children have been mastering the art of persuasive writing. This is a particularly tricky genre but they having been working well to implement the skills taught in class. Next week, they will be writing a letter to Mrs Devally to persuade her to let them have treat as a reward for all the great learning this half term!

Food has been a key element of this week's learning.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning how to prepare fruit safely, learning cooking skills as well as safety in the kitchen, for a delicious fruit salad.

Food also featured in our science lesson this week. The children investigated the melting points of different types of chocolates (white, milk and dark). 

We also made some delicious treats with melted chocolate, marshmallows and strawberries. This was a perfect illustration of how the melted chocolate solidifies again. Tasty too!

In maths, we have been learning to add and subtract decimal numbers. We used tens frames, dienes and counters to build our numbers, which helped us to subtract decimals. Using concrete resources is a tangible way for the children to build their knowledge, before moving on to pictorial and abstract written methods.

Don't forget that you can find curriculum information for this term by clicking on the Termly Newsletter link above. Just click on the blue envelope!

Another great week of hands on learning. We continued our science topic by investigating the presence of gas. 

We explored this by weighing small bottles of lemonade before and after they had been opened. The bottles were lighter after they had been opened and the gas had escaped. The children were able to conclude from this that gas actually does weigh something and that it had been present in the unopened bottles.

Our new history topic is Ancient Egypt. The children enjoyed a gruesome lesson learning about the mummification process. We then began our own experiment to test the process, surprisingly I had a few volunteers, but we are only mummifying tomatoes! They repeated the process of removing the organs (the seeds and liquid), carefully cleaning the 'body', before finally packing it in natron (we used salt and bicarbonate of soda). We will be unpacking our tomatoes in 4 weeks to discover what has happened!

Welcome to Spring term 2020!

The children have begun a new topic in science, States of Matter. Our first lesson began in the playground examining the properties. The children had to be particles of matter and behave as particles do within a solid, liquid or gas.  Particles within a solid - tightly packed, particles in liquid - not as tightly packed and finally particles within gas - random and spread out freely. We then returned to the classroom to explore whether or not you could pour a solid.

This term we have yoga sessions every Thursday morning. They really do enjoy these sessions and it was amazing to see how much they had remembered from Year 3. They worked well to learn new positions as well.

The final week of term has finally reached us and was, of course full of festive fun.

Congratulations to our members of the choir, who performed at The Pavilions Shopping Centre last Friday. They sang beautifully and we were very proud of them. Thank you to our parents as well, it was fantastic to see so many of you there supporting them.

We had a last minute flurry of craft activities. We hope you like the Christmas cards, which this year were carefully sewn by your children. This also included a glitter mishap or two!

All the children enjoyed being waited on by their teachers as they tucked into a delicious traditional Christmas dinner on Tuesday. The vegetarian option was very tasty too!

Without a doubt, the highlight of their week was the class Christmas party.

We began with 'The Snowman'. Children work in teams to turn one of their friends into a snowman. We think you'll agree... they did a great job.

Breaking the'snowmen' free created quite a snow storm, which they enjoyed as much as the building!

We played a variety of games and challenges afterwards. Be sure to ask your children about the newspaper dancing - some of us got quite creative! I think the pictures speak for themselves, good fun was had by all.

All that's left is to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We're back on Monday 6th January, don't forget P.E. kits and outdoor learning clothes will be needed on the first back.

A little more festive fun, this time with our families. A big thank you to all the parents (and nans) that came to 'Working with Parents'. 

In this session, the parents helped their children to make Christmas wreaths, that are now proudly displayed around the classroom.

This was the last 'Working with Parents' before our Christmas break. They will recommence of course in the new year, we are moving the day to a TUESDAY. Hopefully more of you will be able to join us. Your children really do enjoy you joining them, even if it's only for ten minutes!

In maths, Daffodils have been learning to estimate and convert measures of length, mass and capacity.

They enjoyed a practical maths lesson of estimating and then checking the accuracy of their estimate by measuring the mass of objects from the classroom and the capacity of various containers.

Jolly Jumper Day

The festive season has arrived at Andrews Lane Primary School!


The classroom was a riot of colour, not only from their 'jolly jumpers', but from their beautiful artwork, which was combined to make this 'Elf on the Shelf' Christmas display.

The dining hall is now under 'Elf Surveillance' for the rest of the year. Best table manners Daffodils... he's watching!

This week, we were invaded by the marines, who put our troops through their paces in a 'mini marine' session. Despite the cold, mud and lost shoes, Daffodils thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

Daffodils have begun their new science topic, 'Sound', with a sound survey of the school. This involved visiting different areas of the school and sitting silently to listen carefully, for the sounds they could hear. They were surprised by how many distant sounds that they could hear from outside the school. 

In our first week after the half term break, Daffodils have looking at Remembrance Day. As well as looking at the symbolism of the red poppy, Daffodils have been learning about purple poppies, worn to remember all the animals that have also served in wars. The children were surprised to learn how many different roles that animals play in the services.

To commemorate them, we made purple poppy clay bowls.

This week Daffodils had a pretty egg-splosive science lesson!

Continuing our learning about oral hygiene, we were examining the effect of food on tooth enamel. The shell of an egg contains similar minerals to our teeth and is perfect to illustrate to the children the negative effects food can have.

We submerged white eggs in three different solutions: water, coke and vinegar. These were left for 24 hours. The children made some fabulous predictions about the results. They included cracked eggs, exploding eggs, black eggs and smelly eggs, to name but a few!

They were not surprised to find that water didn't change the eggshell, a little shocked at how badly stained the egg submerged in coke was and totally shocked by what had happened to the egg soaked in vinegar. The vinegar dissolved the eggshell and made the egg firm and bouncy. We went outside to see how bouncy! The children were amazed that we could bounce it on the concrete, without it breaking. Although I think they're favourite part was when we dropped it from a great height and the egg broke and splattered!

Lesson learned... Brush your teeth after food!

Working with Parents

Thank you to all the parents who came to this weeks 'Working with Parents' morning. The focus this week was on reading and comprehension. Even though your children are becoming fluent readers, it is still important for you to listen to them read (and sign planers please). Reading not only stimulates their imaginations and understanding of the world, but it helps them develop great language and vocabulary skills which they can use in their writing. Please listen to your child read, at least three times a week! 

To encourage  them further, we have made a new, cosy reading corner in the classroom, which they are already making good use of.

This week we also has the geography lesson that all the children had been waiting for... ERUPTING VOLCANOES!

Anticipating a little mess, we went outside in small groups for this one! 

The children combined bicarbonate of soda, red food colouring and warm water inside their volcanoes, then braced themselves as they added the final ingredient, vinegar.

I have to say, I don't think I have seen some of them move so fast all term and several shrieks of delight (or was it fright?) could be heard. I think most were genuinely surprised at how instant the reaction was, once the vinegar was added, as well as the quantity of 'lava' that was produced. As you can see from the photos, they made an impressive job of it!

They have thoroughly enjoyed this project part of our topic lessons and now that the volcanoes have gone home, I hope that they will have the opportunity to share it with you!

As part of the geography topic Volcanoes, Daffodils are enjoying making their own model volcanoes, which began last week with the  building of a  volcano. They had to make salt dough, which they moulded around a plastic bottle to make the basic volcano structure. At this point I was a little concerned, as most resembled the Leaning Tower of Pisa and not Mount Versuvius! 

This week, we had a great time painting them. I have never seen such concentration! After examining photos of erupting volvanoes, they meticulously created their own masterpieces. I have to say that they look amazing!

Daffodils are now looking forward to the final phase of our model making, THE ERUPTION! Weather permitting, this week, we will be out on the playground to create some eruptions.

Daffodils have had a great week of hands on, practical learning, but the highlight of week was definitely the science lesson!

Our science topic this half term is Burps, Bottoms and Bile! It explores the digestive system, beginning with teeth and finishing... you guessed it... at the bottom! 

This week we have been learning about oral hygiene. As part of this lesson, we observed how well we clean our own teeth! The children began by using discolouring tablets to reveal areas of plaque - this swiftly created a chorus of ewwws and yuks, as well as rapid dashes to the water bottles to rinse their mouths. At this point, there may have been a few chuckles - mainly from the adults! They then observed their teeth, as well as the friends (more ewwws and chuckles) before they began the most frantic and thorough tooth brushing session I've ever had the privilege to watch! It gave a whole new meaning to the expression 'pearly whites' and as you can see from the pictures below, they left school with beautiful, shinning smiles and a new appreciation for their toothbrushes and toothpaste! Well done Daffs - great lesson!

Roald Dahl Day

Daffodils participated enthusiastically in the celebration of the birthday of one of the nations best loved children's authors, Roald Dahl.

The children enjoyed a day of Roald Dahl themed activities. We chose the Fantastic Mr Fox as our class book. In our English lesson, we read several chapters of the book, the children then brainstormed their new knowledge of the characters and used their mind maps to write some fantastic character descriptions of the Fox Family, as well as Boggis, Bunce and Bean!

Welcome back!

Welcome back to the start of a new academic year. Daffodils have made a great start to year 4 and are already settling in to their new routines. 

In maths this week, we have been exploring the place value of 4 digit numbers, with great success and growing confidence.

Just a few reminders for the start of the year: 

PE will be on Mondays and Thursdays, however please ensure your child has their PE kit in school everyday. Please make sure PE kit and uniform is clearly labelled.

Your children have all been issued with a new planner and reading/library books, these also need to be in school daily. Please listen to your child read and record it in the planner.

Homework will be given on Thursday and should be returned to school on Mondays.