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Friday 17th July 2020




Today is your last day of being a year 5. What has the year meant to you? What are your memories?

On link 1 I have written an A-Z of my year with you. Your English task for today is to do an A-Z of your time in year 5.



Practise your times tables by choosing an emoji colouring mosaic to complete.  (Link 2).

Link 3 

A poem from me to you.

School closures and home learning


As you are aware school is closing Friday afternoon until further notice. We appreciate that this is a difficult time and that naturally you will be concerned about your child's education.


Home learning will be set daily. This will be accessible to you via the school website. You will notice the blue box, directly above this one, named "Home Learning Links". By clicking on the round link buttons, you will be access new learning on a daily basis. This will be available from Monday 23rd March 2020. This box will also be updated to provide further guidance and information.


In addition to the daily learning, we would ask that your children read for at least 20 minutes daily and continue practising their multiplication and division skills on TimesTable Rockstars.


We wish you all well, stay healthy and look after each other.

  From all of the Year 5 team. 



We have had a remarkable STEM week in which the children have taken part in a variety of STEM activities.  They have made paper trees, wind turbines, moving toys using cams and magic number squares to name a few.  They have even made food dance!   In addition we have be learning about women in STEM and year 5 have focused on Rosalind Franklin – a pioneering scientist of her time who still impacts our lives today.


The response from all of you to our Ancient Greek home learning has been phenomenal.  It has been fantastic to hear the children talk  about what they have made and who has helped them - their faces beaming with pride.  We now have an elaborate display in Year 5 which the rest of the school come to admire.  Thank you for your support in helping your children in this topic ; we obviously have a plethora of creative parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles in year 5. 


Click on the Termly News letter icon to see what exciting learning year 5 will be doing this term.

In English, we have just completed a unit on persuasive writing. The children produced advertisements and letters of persuasion on a range of topics including a letter from Princess Ariadne of Crete persuading Prince Theseus of Athens to rescue her from her father, King Minos.

Moving on from this the children looked at balanced arguments and they had some very contrasting ideas on a range of discussion points including; Should Home-Learning be Banned?" and "Should Children Wear School Uniform?"

In maths, we are currently looking at ordering, comparing and simplifying fractions.  Knowing the times table facts is imperative for this unit of maths. 


Happy New Year 

I hope you had a fantastic Christmas break and I would like to wish you all a happy, healthy and learned New Year.

A few reminders: please make sure your child has a PE kit in school every day; planners and reading books should go home after school and brought back the next day. The children are expected to read regularly at home as well as school.   

Working together mornings will start on Thursday 16th January and every other week thereafter. Check window notice for any changes.

All children have a login to TT Rockstars (a fun times table app) and would benefit greatly by going onto this a few times a week.  

Our topic this half term is “Ancient Greece” and in science, we will be looking at “Animals including Humans.” More to follow on termly newsletter.

Chocolate Fountain Fun


The world's longest  Christmas paper chain decoration.




With thanks to Miss. Kanuni, year 5 have had the opportunity to take part in some exciting  DT.  This has involved the children using equipment they have never used before as well as applying many other skills including measuring with accuracy.  Look out for the amazing maze toy coming home soon!


In maths, year 5 have been using base 10 equipment to re order decimal numbers for mental calculations.  How would you use regrouping to help you solve 0.3 + 0.81 ? 


Halloween Horrors 

Year 5 looked extra scary all dressed up for our annual Halloween Disco.  There were some impressive costumes and the make up and hair were Hollywood worthy. 

Please click on termly newsletter for this half terms learning.  If anyone has anything to share on any of our topics or resources that would enhance the children’s learning please let us know. It is so important that children learn from as many sources as possible.Please click on termly newsletter for this half terms learning.  If anyone has anything to share on any of our topics or resources that would enhance the children’s learning please let us know. It is so important that children learn from as many sources as possible.

Welcome Back Year 5 Children and families.

I hope you all had a fantastic summer holiday and are ready for an exciting year of learning and laughing together. Pop back next week to access the termly newsletter which will give an overview of the topics and units of learning for this term.  Please note home learning and P.E. days on top of this page.  Your child must have an appropriate P.E. kit in school to take part in the lesson. 

Roald Dahl Day



On Thursday 12th September, we celebrated Roald Dahl Day.  The children looked great dressed up as book characters. It was also our first working together morning and thanks to those of you who popped in and got your hands dirty (literally) helping with our Roald Dahl display.