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In science this week, we were learning about reversible and irreversible changes. The children observed melting chocolate as an example of a reversible change. It would have been a crime to let the chocolate go to waste, so we dipped strawberries in the chocolate to observe the chocolate solidifying again.

Edible science! Yum!

We finished the week with a really relaxing art lesson, looking at lines of the body in different positions and how movement can be shown in drawings. The children to turns to pose, whilst their partner drew them. Some poses were easier to hold than others, as they discovered and hats off to those who took the opportunity to devour the next chapter of their book as well!

In science this week, we have discovered how materials can be separated by filtering. We watched a video of Michael Pritchard and his amazing water bottle that purifies dirty water. We made our own water filters, using cotton wool, sand and small stones. Mrs P created us some filthy water which was full of debris. The children poured this, very carefully into their filters. Whilst not sterile enough to drink, they were amazed at how well our filters worked to clean the water.

In Forest Schools the children had a choice of activities including den building, relaxing in the hammock, painting and clay, games and exploring. We have begun to learn the correct and safe way of holding and working with tools. We discovered that splitting logs is not as easy as it looks! This week Jude (the Forest School leader) taught the children how to respect and be safe around an open fire. We toasted marshmallows and created s'mores. Much enjoyed by all.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

This week the combined classes of year 5 had a fun filled cricket session. All the children participated with enthusiasm and worked hard to improve their skills. We focused on catching, throwing and batting skills before the children were divided into two teams for a match.  I have never seen such a sense of purpose! It was a such a close call we even had to play a 'super over' to decide the winners. Great sportsmanship too! Well done guys!

This week we also began the first of our four Forest Schools sessions. The had a wonderful time rediscovering our woods and wildlife area. The children were taught about how to stay safe while exploring, such as three points of contact when climbing a tree and how high they could go and still remain safe. They made tea from cleaver weed, it received mixed reviews but I think the look on Mrs Dyson's face says it all!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

In computing this week the children put their film making talents to the test, with mixed results. They discovered that it is not as easy as they thought. They especially enjoyed sharing their recordings with each other, which whilst hilarious, gave them an opportunity to discover the pitfalls of film making, such as lighting, camera angles and background noise. Lots to consider before the make their final documentaries!

At the end of the week, we had a break from fractions and revisited square and cubed numbers. Making the numbers was easy but calculating with them threw up a few challenges!

This week some our Lions had the opportunity to work with CHEX for some more willow weaving. They developed their weaving skills further and together with some of the Tigers, built a fantastic living willow dome. A fantastic team building activity to encourage communication, collaboration, planning and problem solving skills, as well as a lot of fun! The finished dome can be seen on the edge of the key stage 1 playground where it will be enjoyed by the children during playtimes.

Back in the classroom we have had a busy week too! In maths, we having been continuing to learn about fractions. This week we have tackling ordering and comparing fractions with different denominators. A few groans, lots of light bulb moments and lots of great learning.

In geography, we finalised our current topic 'Brazil'. The children examined Brazil as a tourist destination. There was lots of great discussion about the benefits and drawbacks of tourism to an area. We looked at popular attractions in Rio de Janeiro before the children worked in small groups to create their own three day itinerary for a school trip, justifying why they wanted to visit each attraction. I'm not sure whether to be glad or not that it was only an imagined trip - they came up with some brilliant ideas!

Welcome back for the summer term, we hope you had an enjoyable Easter break. 

The children have already settled well and some great learning has been taking place this week.

We have started our new science topic 'The Changing Properties of Materials'. We began with recapping our existing knowledge and the children enjoyed identifying materials, unseen by touch only, by their properties and then classifying them into groups according to common properties.

A few start of term reminders: PE is on Thursday, please send your child in PE kit.

Home learning will be posted on Google Classroom on Thursday and should be returned by Tuesday. Finally as the weather warms up, please ensure your child brings a water bottle daily.


It's a little bizarre that after only three weeks in school we a breaking up for the Easter holidays, but here we are! Enjoy the break, don't spend too much time on your screens, we've all had far too much of that this term. Get out if you can and enjoy the fresh air!

In computing this week, the children have completed their final week of coding. They have really progressed in the few weeks we have been back at school and enjoyed the challenge of completing the different levels.

Our music lesson this week, created a lot of enthusiasm and quite a few giggles! Our featured song this half term is 'The Fresh Prince of Bel Air' and the children were using their bodies to find the pulse of the music. This also linked well with English this week, we have been looking at rap, as a style of poetry. Our song made an appearance there as well!

This week the children celebrated Red Nose Day by wearing red to school. We watched a short video clip about a young teenage boy called Raymond who works long hours in a gold mine in Ghana, digging for gold by hand in order to earn money for his family. We all agreed, that in this country we are very fortunate and that donating to this charity, so that children like Raymond could receive an education was indeed very worthwhile.

In maths this week, we have continued our exploration of shape; looking at the properties of polygons. 1st challenge of the week involved different types of triangles, although for some the challenge turned out to be getting their triangle to stay on the geoboard itself! Some fantastic learning, and as always they accepted my challenges and surpassed them. Very well done Big Cats!

Welcome back! It is so good to have the children back in school.

We started the week with some practical maths, putting the learning from lockdown into practice, measuring angles with a protractor...trickier than they thought!

We began our new geography topic 'Brazil' by testing our atlas skills. The children were challenged to find not only the country and capital city, but the five regions within the country and the largest city of each region. 

We finished the week with a little fun, creating Mother's Day pop-up cards for the special ladies in our lives. We hope you like them!

The children have returned to school with a very positive attitude, settled straight into their learning and should be very proud of themselves. Well done Lions, a great week!

Remote Learning week 8

This week we celebrated our love of reading on World Book Day in a variety of ways.

In our first live session, we joined Humza Arshad and Henry White, co-authors of the Little Bad Man series. They shared the importance of not making judgements before embarking on a new adventure and just how you can be inspired by a radioactive samosa! This inspired us to create a comic strip based on eating a food that gave us superpowers!

Maths had a World Book Day theme too, an excellent problem solving investigation to find the mystery winner of the costume competition.

We finished the day with some fun, and created spoon book characters from our favourite books. Can you identify any?

Remote Learning Week 7

Welcome back Lions, I hope you had a great half term and are looking forward to returning to school on March 8th.

Mr Edwards finished this week off with a great PE set on Google Classroom, the children in school certainly participated with enthusiasm!

Remote Learning Week 6

Another great week of learning and the end of the half term! Enjoy our 'Bottle Moments' inspired by Rob Murray's fabulous cartoons. The bottles hold hopes and wishes of things we are looking forward to when lockdown is lifted.

Remote Learning

Week 5

This week is Children's Mental Health week. The last 12 months have been challenging and different in so many ways and more than ever, highlights the need for our children to have positive mental health. In PSHE this week we looked at ways to keep our mind healthy and what we can do when we are not feeling so good. We discussed what we can do to help ourselves, keeping connected to our friends and family, eating healthily, the benefits of exercise to our minds as well as our bodies and how helping other people is actually good for our own mental health.

This week we have created a class login for the Oxford Owl e-books. Full details are on the stream of Google Classroom. Please encourage your child to read daily, for 10-15 minutes. Aloud, to an adult would be even better!

In science this week we started our new topic: Humans, from birth to old age. We began by creating a human timeline of stages in human development, from prenatal to old age.

Remote Learning - week 4

This week we had a well deserved Wellbeing Wednesday. You were encouraged to take a day away from screens and do something more practical instead.

The children in school enjoyed a plethora of activities including salt dough, painting, electric circuits, den building and outdoor games!

I hope you enjoyed your day, whatever you did!

As part of our history topic, Ancient Greeks, this week we looked at art of the era. The children in school created these beautiful vases, which were then used to create a display on the window. I think you will agree they did a fabulous job!

Remote Learning - Week 3

I have to say Lions I have been mightily impressed with your maths learning this week. We began by recapping what we already know, before swiftly moving on to reflex angles, angles on a straight line and finally we all learned a new skill (myself included) using an online protractor to measure angles. Fabulous learning guys, very well done!

I love this video sent to me on Google Classroom of one of our class using the online protractor... can you guess who it is?

Week 2 of Remote Learning

Well done Lions, some great learning this week. I have to say that it is lovely to see so many of you in our live lessons, not as good as being in class, but great to be able to see and talk to you!

In art this week we researched the artist Roy Liechtenstein, who is famous for his 'pop art' style. I was impressed by your research and loved your interpretations of this iconic image.

Well not the start we hoped for or expected, but Happy New Year Lions!

Remote Learning commences again and we are now using Google Classroom to assign the learning daily. Please check every morning to see your new daily tasks.

We have already begun our new story 'Who Let the Gods Out' by Maz Evans. Join the LIVE lessons to hear it! We will be using this for online guided reading, so you need to keep up.

In science this week we have looked at the life cycle of a star! I was thrilled to see your learning, some from the children in school and those that managed to submit through Google Classroom (well done my tech savvy whizz kids and your adults!). Great learning!

It's Christmas!

Christmas has finally arrived in Year 5! The children have had a busy week full of Christmas learning and activities. On Wednesday we recorded our Christmas song which can be viewed from either this website or our Year 5 Google Classroom. The children also enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner and made Christingles. Thursday was party day! The children worked in teams for quizzes and Christmas tree building, some very competitive games of hot potato, the obligatory musical statues and the teachers favourite game of the year, sleeping lions. We were also treated to an online pantomime version of the Snow Queen... not quite the same as the theatre, but it was nice to see them get into the spirit of it, especially the boys! Hopefully you will get a flavour of our week from the photos below.

Thank you for all of your support this term, have a very Merry Christmas, stay safe and most importantly, healthy and we will see you back in school on TUESDAY 5th January 2021! 






As part of science topic, Earth and Space, Year 5 had the unique experience of participating in a live web talk delivered by Libby Jackson, who works for the UK space agency. She has worked at the European control centre for the International Space Station as a controller and flight instructor. She told the children many fascinating stories about life on the International Space Station and we discovered many interesting facts. Did you know they get to celebrate Christmas twice in space? ask your children to explain why!

We have completed our 'suspense' writing unit, in which the children learned techniques that create tension and atmosphere in our writing. The finished result is now proudly displayed in this fantastic display outside both Year 5 classrooms. We love it!

Finally this week, we have the continuation of our sewing project. A source of equal joy and frustration... and that was just getting the needle threaded. However, they have persevered and the results are looking amazing, as you'll see for yourself when they bring them home. Well done Lions!






In our English comprehension lessons, we have been reading the classic 'A Christmas Carol'. As well as enjoying the story we have been developing our inference skills to explore the character of Scrooge. What does he think and feel? How do his actions impact on others? 

We have also been building our vocabulary...

Bah humbug!

This week, we have started our new D.T. project. We are sewing Christmas decorations! We began by using a template to cut our felt fabric, the children had a choice of making a Christmas tree or hearts. I was impressed by their enthusiasm and the meticulous care they took with the task. Next week we begin sewing... wish me luck!

In our maths learning this week we have begun looking at short multiplication. We used a CPA approach, first using concrete resources to build our calculations, then turning these into pictorial representations before learning a formal written, abstract method. This method helps to reinforce and deepen the concept. Some great learning and collaboration. 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Christmas is almost upon us (how did that happen?) and of course this heralds the return of JOLLY JUMPER DAY!

The children looked fabulous in their Christmas jumpers and we braved the cold for a quick class photo. We used the day to create a Christmas display in our classroom and participated in a plethora of Christmas crafts. Cards, calendars, wreaths and paper chains galore!

This week we had great fun with science related art - we learned how to draw spheres, using shading to create a 3D effect. We used the technique to create our own planetary masterpiece with pastels. Concentration levels were high, cutting out circular templates a nightmare, pastel dust everywhere but I think you will agree the results were well worth it, the children have made an absolutely stunning display!

We continued our geography topic, the United Kingdom, this week by discovering how the U.K. is further subdivided by counties. The children completed a 'county hunt' solving clues to reveal the location of counties across the U.K. We then looked closer to home at our own county, Hertfordshire and it's neighbours.

For the last two weeks, in maths, we have been looking at a range of different strategies to help us with mental addition and subtraction. We found that not all strategies work for both adding and subtracting and that some strategies are definitely easier than others, we have had lots of head scratching moments and thankfully more 'ah hah' moments as we mastered new skills. Great perseverance,  great learning Lions, well done!

We are now moving on to formal written methods, everyone's favourite... column method! We will be working towards reasoning and problem solving next week. 

In geography, we started our new topic: The United Kingdom. The class divided into groups to research one of the four countries using atlases, books and the internet and then created a fact file. Each group then gave a brief presentation of what they had discovered.

Some fantastic collaborative learning!






In memory of Kyle, forever a daffodil and always in our hearts.

   With much love,

       Year 5

Welcome back to the second half of Autumn term, it was only a four day week but Lions have already been busy.

In science, we completed our forces topic by looking at marvellous mechanisms. The children spent some time experimenting how levers function and the amount of force required for a lever to work with minimum effort.


In RE, we considered religious sources of wisdom. The children learnt about the Torah, the holy book of the Jewish faith. We then created our on mini Torah.

At this time of year, we always spend a little time remembering our fallen service men and women. The children have each produced a beautiful, watercolour bookmark, depicting poppies painted over the poignant poem 'In Flanders Field' by John McCrae. 

Happy Halloween from Year 5's very own pumpkin patch!

We did it! We made it to half term! I have to say I am very proud of these guys. They have all settled back into school really well after such a long time away! We have achieved a tremendous amount in the time we have been back. Good job guys! 

Well done to all of you for the fantastic Halloween costumes! I truly believe this years were the best ever... if somewhat disconcerting in some cases! We finished off the week with an afternoon of Halloween crafts - bats, cats, ghouls and pumpkins.

                 Have a wonderful half term, stay safe and healthy and we will see you on

                                                    TUESDAY 3RD NOVEMBER

edited bats

In science this week the children were exploring how water resistance can be affected by the shape of the object moving through it. They experimented with different shapes to see which would travel through water fastest and came to the conclusion that long thin shapes work best! This led to a discussion about objects and swimmers being stream lined in the water. Great learning!

Over the last two weeks in maths we have been looking at multiples, factors and prime factors. They have made great progress and deserve to be congratulated for their fantastic effort.

Click on the link above this box to view this term's newsletter, which will tell you some of the topics we will be learning about this term.

Some of our tigers had the opportunity to work with the ladies from CHEXS, who taught them some new skills... willow weaving!

The fruits of their labour are now proudly on display on the fence next to Rose Lodge. Well done team, they look amazing!

In science this week, we have continued our learning about forces. This week we were exploring air resistance. The children made parachutes to tests the effects of this force. each group designed their own test, changing one variable each time to see how resistance changed. They then enjoyed an impromptu parachute play session during wet play!

Year 5 were visited this week by members of CHEXS who led a fabulous 'aspirations' presentation. They discussed the importance of having goals in life and how these can change throughout our lives. Parents your children are aiming high... not only do we have budding professional sports men and women but architects, teachers and medical lawyers! Dream big, big cats you can do it!

In maths this week, we have been learning to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000. The children made a bingo game to practise their new skills.

In RE this week, we learnt about Yom Kippur, which signifies the new year for those of the Jewish faith. One of the traditions is to eat apples with honey for a sweet new year!

 Another great week of learning!

In English, the children are learning about myths and legends. They are enjoying reading 'The Tales of King Arthur and next week will be writing their own legends.

In maths, we have continued to explore place value, rounding by 10, 100, 1000 and 10,000. A tricky concept for some, but the they have worked diligently to master it!

In our history topic, The Changing Role of Women, we have examined the roles of women from Ancient Times till the Renaissance Period. The children were quiet astonished at the inequality that women have endured over time.

I am pleased to say that Lions are settling back into the new routines of school, although after the first full week some were beginning to flag! There were a few groans when home learning was given out too! Please encourage your child to "look" at the home learning when they receive it, if they then need clarification or help, they can ask before the weekend.

In maths we have been reacquainting ourselves with place value and learning to count in powers of 10. We have began our new topics in science (forces) and in history (the changing role of women) and have already enjoyed some practical lessons in science exploring the links between weight and mass.

The children enjoyed Roald Dahl day and were invited to come to school in costume or wearing yellow. Our Roald Dahl book was gorgeously disgusting The Twits. 

We had our very own Mrs Twit in the class, a wonderfully authentic costume, complete with brown sauce stains! Well done, very creative!

Welcome Back!

Hello to all of the Lions and their parents. Welcome to the start of the new school year, it's been a long time coming! School will look a little different at the moment, but rest assured staff will do everything we can to make our 'bubble' as safe and as happy as we possibly can. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask, although the end of the school day is normally easier than the beginning! Hopefully we will have a fun, productive and most importantly a healthy term!

A few little reminders -

Children should be bringing their own water bottles every day 

On PE days your child should come to school dressed in PE kit, this may include jogging bottoms as the weather turns colder. They will remain in their kit all day.

Reading books will be changed at least once a week - if the book has been read! Obviously as texts get longer and more challenging, it may take longer for them to complete the book.

Home learning will continue to be set on Thursday, to be returned by Tuesday

At the moment, pencil cases will not be allowed in class. All equipment will be provided.