Welcome to Andrews Lane

School Closure

We are pleased to say that the school has started to open for select year groups and we are now looking at providing provision for some other year groups too. All staff have been continuing to update their class pages with learning opportunities each day to help parents with children at home. Please remember that there may be a few technical difficulties occasionally and that there may be a number of reasons why a page may not have been updated. We hope that you are enjoying the activities that are being provided.

Latest message (19/06) from Mrs Devally

Click on the letter to read the latest update from Mrs Devally, including information about some other year groups


Advice for parents with children who are ill

Click below for the latest information for parents who have children who are unwell.

Further learning links

Click here for some extra learning links that have been made available.

Please note that teachers

may use some of

these for their daily


Fundraising for Kyle

A new fundraising page has been set up with the hope of getting Kyle onto a trial CAR-T therapy programme in Seattle. Click

the letter to visit

the page and

donate if you can.

Extra learning ideas

As well as the learning on each class page, click this letter for many other links with great resources

you can use.

Tips for surviving self-isolation,

The HABS family support team have come up with some tips to help during this difficult

time. Click here.

Year 6 Leaver's Celebration

Head over to the year 6 page in the learning area to find all the details of the year 6 leaver's 2020 celebration evening.

Cookie and Oreo are enjoying some outside space for a few hours a day and are being carefully watched over by Scrumpy!

Andrews Lane is a friendly, welcoming environment where each child is valued as an individual and is expected to work hard to fulfil their potential. Our school mission statement is…

“Aspire, Learn, Succeed”

We would encourage you to take a look around our website to gain an insight into what Andrews Lane values and promotes.

We believe our creative, inspiring and challenging curriculum allows every child to develop themselves as effective, resilient learners. We strive to ensure that no matter where a child's interests lie, we provide them with opportunities to progress and succeed.

Art Club Mural

At Andrews Lane we want children to take pride in all areas of the school and develop their creativity through projects such as this wall mural for our art club.