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Google Classroom Setup

Many pupils at Andrews Lane use Google Classroom to access home learning tasks. We also use Google Classroom to provide most of our remote teaching at times when this is needed. We believe that the best way for a child to access Google Classroom is via a laptop or computer, but there are several other devices they can use if these are not available. Google Classroom can also be accessed through an iPad or similar tablet, a phone or even a games console such as a Playstation or Xbox. Any of these devices will allow your child to communicate with their teacher and to access learning activities that are set for them. The videos below will show you how to set up Google Classroom on a phone, iPad/tablet and on a console. Children at Andrews Lane have all been given their login information, which they may have written in their planner. At our school, the login is the child's first name, followed by the first letter of their surname, followed by so Macey Jones would use the login Passwords were provided to the children in school. We hope these videos will be useful to you. If you require additional support, please contact the school at

Mobile phone - You should only need the first two minutes of this video to show you how to download the app and log in.


Playstation 4