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Curriculum Events

 June 2024

The children enjoyed watching ‘The Selfish Giant’ performed by the Image Theatre. Some of the children had the opportunity to join the actors on stage and they did themselves proud by remembering their lines and actions.

They also learnt how to sign some of the words when learning the songs. Well done! 

The Hobbit

Along with Years 2-5, Year 6 enjoyed a mesmerising performance of The Hobbit – performed by M&M Production company. The story was superbly acted with some fantastic costumes and dramatic special effects than had the audience gasping! After the performance, Year 6 were treated to a mini-workshop to learn more about the production process, including lights, sound effects and quick costume changes – very timely as we have our own production to look forward to this term.

Mini Police

Year 5 had their first Mini Police session this week. To begin with PCSO Jade explained about the 2 telephone numbers that people can ring if they need help with something. For an emergency the number is 999, whereas for a non-emergency situation it would be 101. She also talked a little about the job of a police community support officer. They carry no handcuffs, batons or pepper spray and can’t arrest anyone.

The class asked her lots of great questions about the job of the police. It was amazing how much they know already and were interested to find out.

What will the children do during the sessions?

  • Help the community.
  • Help the school.
  • Work closely with the police.
  • Team building

PCSO Jade then gave the children their ‘uniform’ – a Mini Police Hi-Viz vest. A notepad and pencil and their own warrant card. They also have a work booklet. Every week when the are ‘on duty’ they will need to wear their Hi-Viz vest and have their warrant card, notepad and pencil ready.

The children were a credit to themselves and the school. Well done.

Skateboard Workshop

All the children were able to take part in the skateboard and scooter workshop and we were amazed at how quickly they were able to learn the skills. 

Great balancing and teamwork was seen by all. 

The Didgeridoo Man came to visit

It was great to have Chris at our school and share his knowledge about the origins of the didgeridoo and listen to the sounds that it can make.

After the assembly he worked with our Year 3 class who are learning about aboriginal art and music. The children had the opportunity to learn to play their own didgeridoo as well as create some fantastic images using coloured soil from our school site. 


British Science Week is a celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths and this years theme is TIME


During this week all classes across the school spent time completing science activities and a STEM challenge.

It was great to visit all classes and catch a snippet of what they were doing and to also see so many parents involved in science activities. the children were animated about their learning and used lots new technical vocabulary when sharing their findings. 

The create a tree challenge by Stem point resulted in some great engineering work with paper. Well done everyone. if you fancy having a go at home, follow these instructions. 

  • Only use 4 sheets of plain or coloured A4 paper from your
    recycling bin
  • • Pupils need to work in pairs
  • • Pupils can only use scissors and their engineering skills to create their
    trees - research different types of trees, their colours, shapes, climate, leaf
    shapes etc;
  • • Pupils must not use, glue, sticky tape, staples or paper clips



A letter to Sierra Leone

The children had a visit from Pastor Bethany who is the minister at Rosedale Community Church. She explained how delighted the children had been to receive letters from us in the autumn term and could we send another letter. The children were very excited to do this and worked on their letters the first week back after Easter, ready to send them in May. 

Pastor Bethany explained how her church helps other churches and schools in Sierra Leone and showed some pictures of the classroom and water well. She also explained that each year families in the UK put together small bags of essentials that each child receives at Christmas. This is something we thought we may try and do to further our links with the FooFoo School, watch out for further details. 

The Blue Cross Blue Cross is a charity that has been helping sick, injured, abandoned and homeless pets since 1897.

Children in early Years and Reception had a visit from Pat who talked to them about dogs and how to look after them. She gave them information about what dogs need and how to stay safe around dogs. 



The children enjoyed a fantastic performance of The Hobbit. They were in awe of the scenery and effects and a little bit scared I expect by the giant dragon. 

Year 6 were lucky to have  a follow up workshop with the actors afterwards.