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Andrews Lane Primary School

Welcome to Year 5


Miss Elvy

Home Learning: Set on a Friday and due in the following Wednesday

PE: Thursday

Swimming: Not this term

Forest School: Wednesday

Summer Term 2024

Look at the completed bridges designed, made and evaluated by Y5.

All the children are so proud of their achievements. We have some budding engineers at Andrews Lane!


Week beginning 13 May 24


This week the children worked in groups to design and make their bridges.

There were certain design criteria that had to be met:

  • The bridge must span a gap of at least 50cm
  • It must have clearance of at least 20cm beneath it
  • It must have a deck which allows two toy cars to pass each other
  • It must be strong and attractive

Designs were added to and amended as appropriate. After a lot of time and effort the finished bridges were amazing. The children really enjoyed the activity and were so proud of their finished products. They were then evaluated. Well done Year 5.

Week beginning 06 May 24


This week the children worked in small groups to lay and light their own fires using a fire steel. Jude demonstrated how to lay the fire correctly and went through all the safety points. It was emphasised that very group had to follow these exactly. Different grades of sticks were collected. They also needed cotton wool and silver birch bark. Water had to be on hand. It was not easy but the children didn’t give up.

There were shrieks of excitement when each group was successful!

Week beginning 29 April 24

Mini Police – Session 2

The session began with PCSO asking the children if they had witnessed anything that was wrong. Examples included dropping litter and speeding cars. The children found out all about the paperwork that the police have to fill in when reporting a crime. Text can be typed or handwritten. If handwritten it must be written in capitals so that it is easy to read by a court.

The children used the phonetic alphabet that they had learnt last week to say each other’s names. They were very confident doing this. Jade then checked their warrant cards and was impressed by their artwork.

The main focus of the session was ASB – Anti Social Behaviour.

ASB can be either personal, environmental or nuisance. The victim could be anyone. We looked at different pictures and had to decide if it was an example of ASB. Consequences to the victim were discussed and what would happen to anyone committing ASB. It can be stopped through education and punishment.

It was a very interesting and insightful session, with the children actively involved asking questions and sharing ideas. Well done everyone.

Week beginning 22 April 24

Year 5 had their first Mini Police session this week. To begin with PCSO Jade explained about the 2 telephone numbers that people can ring if they need help with something. For an emergency the number is 999, whereas for a non-emergency situation it would be 101. She also talked a little about the job of a police community support officer. They carry no handcuffs, batons or pepper spray and can’t arrest anyone.

The class asked her lots of great questions about the job of the police. It was amazing how much they know already and were interested to find out.

What will the children do during the sessions?

  • Help the community.
  • Help the school.
  • Work closely with the police.
  • Team building

PCSO Jade then gave the children their ‘uniform’ – a Mini Police Hi-Viz vest. A notepad and pencil and their own warrant card. They also have a work booklet. Every week when the are ‘on duty’ they will need to wear their Hi-Viz vest and have their warrant card, notepad and pencil ready.

The children were a credit to themselves and the school. Well done.

Week beginning 15 April 24

3D shapes

In maths this week the children have been looking at 3D shapes. They investigated nets to see if they could be folded to make a cube. Some predictions were made before the nets were tested. The children then shared their findings with the class. It was possible for the children to say some of the ones that would not work and why before testing them. They really enjoyed the lesson.